Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Toddler Fun

This has been one cold winter here in the Carolinas! And if it's not freezing out, it seems like it's raining (or snowing, like today and yesterday) and we still can't go out to play. My child has a million and one toys, but after a few days inside, she's bored with them all and the whining (ooooooh the whining) begins. This is when I become thankful for Pinterest and all the wonderful ideas to keep young toddlers busy at home!


She kept saying "HOT!" since I think she thinks that means any sort of extreme temperature. This kept her busy for a long time. My kitchen floor was pretty wet when she was done, but still easy clean up!

Pom Poms!

In addition to putting them in the tube, we also have sorted them into different bowls and muffin tins. These are fun, but only for a day at a time. I have to put them away and bring them out again after a few days for them to become exciting again.

Pipe Cleaners and Strainer!

This one frustrated her at first, but once she got the hang of pulling them out, she had a grand ol' time!

Wine Corks! 

This one may not be entirely toddler appropriate, but she loves our collection of wine corks. She likes sorting them and carrying them from one container to another. I set up two tubs on different sides of the room and she'll transfer them back and forth. Also...they're a great deal of fun when you hide with them under the exersaucer! 

So...tell me, what do you do at home to keep your toddler busy?


  1. These are all such cute and creative ideas and LORD knows I've got (too many) wine corks lying around :)

  2. Love the pipe cleaners in a strainer! Great ideas :)

  3. As always, I love to see the giant glass bowl make an appearance in your life. Adorable.

  4. We've done a few of these and Noah loves it! I'll have to do these more often!

  5. We have a lot of fun with dry pasta noodles in several shapes - transfer between containers, sort shapes, etc. I love the pipe cleaner/strainer idea...I bet MC will love that one!

  6. Another fun one is cheerios placed on spaghetti noodles that are standing in play-doh. Some cheerios get eaten, but it's amazing how focused my toddler is to get them onto the noodle. Great ideas, though!