Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Valentine's Weekend

We had a very low key and mellow Valentine's weekend, and that was fine by me! When I was teaching I used to love Valentine's Day because really, there's nothing better than exchanging Valentine's with 25 little people. Nowadays, we don't do much to celebrate. I just want some chocolate (because is there ever a bad excuse for chocolate?) and we usually make a nice meal at home.

This year, J made us pancakes on Valentine's morning. I requested heart shaped...but that didn't quite work out! BUT, a certain someone had her first encounter with maple syrup on Friday, and I'm pretty sure she'll never eat plain pancakes ever again. She was a fan (and only got a little messy!).

For Valentine's Dinner I made us Short Rib Cobbler (recipe from Taste of Home) and oh my word, friends. Save yourself this recipe and go make it for someone you love (or just for yourself and don't share any!). It was a bit of work to assemble it all, but nothing hard. And it was SO good. Like a super tasty pot roast (but way better, I don't really like pot roast all that much) with a crusty biscuit top!

On Friday night we enjoyed some House of Cards on Netflix, like many other American couples, and a little bit of the Olympics. We're only on episode five of HoC now. I want to pace ourselves so it's not all over in a matter of days!

On Saturday morning, my alumni association here in Charlotte had arranged for a family day at the Charlotte Nature Museum. We had been wanting to visit here after hearing good things about it from other toddler moms, and I'm glad this gave us the kick to go, because we had a blast! It's a small little museum, but a great way to spend the morning with a little one.

I won't lie, we were a teensy bit afraid before we got there that M would be terrified of the museum after a not so great trip to Petsmart a few weeks ago (think, absolutely terrified toddler around guinea pigs and parakeets), but she loved all the animals they had at the museum. This made us happy because we've been talking about a zoo trip when the weather warms up, and I think she'll love it! 

After we left the museum we had to run by Target, and M was trying SO hard to fall asleep on us in the car. It was almost comical the songs we were singing and animal noises we were making to keep her up to avoid a car nap! Guess the museum trip wore her out.

Hope you and your loved ones had a great weekend celebrating Valentine's Day!


  1. I've been admiring her little boots on IG. What brand and does she actually keep them on?

  2. The short rib cobbler sounds great! I pinned it. Thanks for sharing!


  3. Hi...Just found your blog via the NC Blogger's page. I'm right outside of Charlotte :)