Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Oh boy! [baby boy sprinkle x3]

This past weekend, we celebrated three of the mamas in my playgroup who are expecting baby #2! All three are currently moms to sweet girls, and will be adding a boy to this mix in April!

There are 14 of us in our group, and we have 6 new babies on the way, and these three little guys will be the first of the little siblings! The rest of the girls in our group helped to throw a little "sprinkle" for the new moms this past weekend, but what made it really fun was we all got to get together for a lovely brunch and chat and catch up without our toddlers by our feet. This doesn't happen often! It was a fun and lovely morning!

We made baby "morphs" for each mama to be of their future little boy, and these were hilarious (and a bit freaky).

Ice cream cake! OH BOY!

And I LOVE this idea that one of the gals in our group had! She bought a large rubbermaid tub for each mom to take her gifts home in and it can also serve as clothes storage later on. Such a smart idea!

All of the mommies (minus two who had to leave early). 
I'm very thankful for having this network of moms in my life!


  1. So fun! I LOVE that Rubbermaid idea...genius!!

  2. Very cute! Love everything about it! Did ya'll set up a tripod for that shot?

  3. So very fun, and great idea with the Rubbermaid tubs! Those mamas are glowing!

  4. What a gorgeous group of mommas!!! Good looking friends!