Tuesday, March 18, 2014

life lately in pictures

A few pictures from life lately...I hate to just do a picture dump, but sometimes that's all there's time for!

At playgroup with some of our blog buddies and babies! M was actually a happy camper this day, but didn't want to share the couch with her friends. Poor girl has some personal space issues.

Wearing our fancy coat and a hat around the living room, because that's the best way to play...right?

Someone has become quite the pro at eating with utensils. She is determined to eat her meals with a fork or spoon these days. This is funny unless she's eating peas with a fork and she insists on stabbing each pea individually. This can take some time!

We had such a lovely Saturday! Pretty weather, a birthday party for a sweet friend, and lots of time outside. Feels good to get out the big camera sometimes and catch some great shots of us. Doesn't happen nearly enough.

And finally...lately M has been looking JUST like her Dadda. You may or may not have noticed! But I snapped this photo of her today in her green (left) and immediately saw myself in her. Anyone else see it? I think her hair that's really starting to come in is what's making me see it. (PS....look at the carseat from 1984/85)


  1. Oh.. wow.. she really is looking like you! I see that sometimes in pictures of Shelby as well. Gosh, she looks so big on that couch next to the other kids.
    How much is she weighing and measuring?? I bet her and Shelby are about the same size. I know Faith's girls are peanuts.

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  2. Y'all look so much alike! Wow! I love all these pictures. You look so beautiful, friend!

  3. I can definitely see you in her...so precious!

  4. I was scrolling down and thinking about just how much she looks like her daddy... and oh gosh she looks just like him in that picture!

  5. That shirt is so cute! The color looks awesome on you! And of course M is a-dor-a-ble. :)