Monday, March 24, 2014

Home Improvements 2014: Living Room Wall

I wish I was one of those people who could decorate my home just the way I want it from the moment we move in. Unfortunately, what I wish for and reality are two different stories. Due to making smart financial choices (darn you husband and your excellent planning and spreadsheets), indecisiveness, a tad of laziness, and a bad eye when it comes to decorating...we've been living her for 21 months now and our home is still a big work in progress when it comes to decorating. Thankfully, we didn't have any big projects to work on, but there have been lots and lots of little projects happening over the past few months. In the next few weeks, I want to share a few of them on here, but getting them all photographed and put up may be a slow process for me (again...slightly lazy!).

So project number one of 2014 was filling in the wall over our sofa in the living room. 
This is the room where we spend 90% of our time when we're home, so I wanted to add something to this wall, but it seemed like such a daunting task to me. Did I want art (it would need to be BIG to fill the space), photos, or something different? Either way, we needed something. This big space was just so blah and uninviting.

And so, we went with family photos! Ta-Da!

Here are the 4 photos I had printed from as 12x12, and then we hung them in frames I got at Ikea for $19.99 a piece. Also, picking out 4 photos was way harder than I expected it to be!

I had originally planned on just printing them at Walgreens, but after thinking about how I wanted these to be a focal point in the room, I went with a printer who was known a little bit better for their quality. I was very pleased with their turn around time and the quality of these!


  1. Looks SO good! MPix is the best!

  2. It looks WONDERFUL!!!! I have hung equal sized frames along a straight line like that before and let me tell you - it is HARD measuring all of that out so perfectly ;)

  3. I love it! Honestly, I think you could continue to add to it with the same color frame/matte/b-w pics, just different frame sizes. I've seen this done and it makes such a statement and people really enjoy looking at all the pictures!

  4. those look great! LOVE that idea! We are going to have lots of big open walls in our new home and part of me is already dreading the decorating process!

  5. I love it! Looks great- I can't wait until I have a family of my own to make photo collages of! Still the single teacher but my roommate and I have some photos of our College Backpack Europe trip up in a collage. Fun to mix b&w's of the group of us with the sights we saw.

  6. I love too, ordered a print for the exact same frame from Ikea and thought the quality was great. Def worth the extra cost! love it!!