Thursday, April 3, 2014

Munchkin Meals - 17 Months

When M was 10 months old I linked up with Brittany for her Munchkin Meals link up, and here we are 7 months later and SO much has changed with M's eating habits and preferences, so I thought it'd be a good time to update.

Here's what meal time is like these days with a rowdy 17 month old...

Most days she eats a scrambled egg with cheese, followed by a demand for fruit of some kind (usually banana, strawberries, clementines, or grapes). We occasionally do a whole grain waffle (we really like Nature's Path Maple Cinnamon with or without peanut butter) or oatmeal. I actually just bought her some cereal to try with milk soon as she's really been into eating out of my cereal bowl in the mornings.

I try hard to give M a variety in her diet, but she definitely has her favorite meals. She loves a good ol' pb&j sandwich on whole wheat bread and Annie's White Cheddar and Shells mixed with peas. I usually serve these with a side/mix of fruit, cherry tomatoes, string cheese, deli ham, or yogurt. I would love to find more veggies to serve her as a side, but right now, tomatoes and peas seem to be the only ones she'll regularly eat for me. She also loves green smoothies, so a few times a week I'll make one to go with her lunch and we'll share it. However, I think half the reason she likes this is because she likes imitating the sound the blender makes!

We love to cook and try new recipes, and M is usually willing to try whatever I make, and I'd say about 50% of the time she ends up liking it and eating most of the dish. Just last night I made a quinoa dish with shrimp and grilled veggies. She tried a little bit of everything, but only liked the quinoa. Last weekend my husband made a succotash over rice, and she ate EVERY bite (lima beans, okra, ham, sausage, corn, tomatoes, rice...she was obsessed!). I often prepare a few extra sides for her if I'm worried if she's not going to like what I make. This can be fruit, roasted sweet potatoes, fruit, all depends what we're eating and how I think she's going to do with the meal. I'd love for her to eat exactly what we're having, but some nights I just know that won't happen and I don't want to put her to bed hungry at this age because I know it'll just mean a poor night's sleep. I'd love to know how other families handle this at this young of an age.

This actually one of M's new words..."NAKS!". I hear it ALL. DAY. LONG. She loves Cheerios, Inner Peas from TJ's, raisins, (again) fruit, peanut butter crackers from TJ's, and whole wheat goldfish. If it were up to my child, she'd have "naks" by her side all day, but I'm trying to limit them. Not so easy though now that she knows how to ask for them!

Small Disclaimer: 
I feel like I also need to note, that we have days and weeks where M won't eat anything I prepare for her. I don't know if it's teeth, lack of hunger, or just a strong opinion, but I try not to let it get me down. It's certainly frustrating, but within a few days, she's usually back to her normal eating habits.

What has your toddler been eating lately? 
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  1. Noah seems to love fruit and cheese. I think he gets too much dairy and should eat more veggies instead! We also have those days where he just isn't interested in food!

  2. We struggle with veggies too. I find she eats them more if I give them to her while I'm making dinner (when she's in the kitchen with me) more so than when she's sitting in her highchair eating. There are days when I feel like I'm going crazy trying to make her meals and ours (she won't eat what we eat for the most part yet). I really struggle with making sure she's fed but I also don't want to be that mom that makes separate meals for everyone. I try to tell myself that right now, she's too little to understand that she has to try something so I just make what's easy.

  3. Sawyer loves veggies with cheese so brocolli & spinach with cheese are how we get him to eat more veggies than just peas :) He also loves eggs in the morning, my mom taught me this trick (you may already know it but if not it will help so much!) you can microwave an egg - scramble in the bowl and microwave for about 45 seconds & VOILA!

  4. oh btw - that comment linked to a blog I created at work - this is Heather (@heatherbee721 on instagram) :)

  5. Shelby is hit or miss on what she'll eat and when. I think it depends on how hungry she is AND how she's feeling. But, what is consistent is that she prefers fruits and veggies over ANYTHING else. Even mac n' cheese. I try and feed her what we're having most nights, but honestly, sometimes I just don't get dinner done in time for us all to eat together.
    She eats a lot of roasted sweet potatoes, we started that egg in a hole for breakfast on the weekends, she isn't big on peanut butter and jelly but loves applesauce, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, mixed veggies of any kind.
    I'm hoping to raise a child that doesn't expect me to be a short order cook but eat what we're eating. I also try and not do a ton of snacks because I want her to eat meals, not just snack all day like our niece and nephew tend to do.
    It's a journey for sure!!
    BTW - she eats breakfast and lunch at school every day and they serve all kinds of different stuff!

  6. She's such a doll! My son would snack all day long if he could! Now that he's almost three and a very busy boy, he doesn't have as much time for snacks so I notice him eating more actual meals. I cut back on offering snacks a few months ago but before that didn't worry too much about it as he was a pretty decent eater. I think they adjust as they grow :-)

  7. Elyse is pretty much a green bean, pea, and tomato sauce kind of girl! I'm trying not to worry about it...her daddy & I don't eat all that many veggies either--at least she eats!