Monday, April 28, 2014

Outside! Outside!

Taking a quick break from vacation recaps to do a small "life" recap instead!

This past week it really felt like spring arrived here in Charlotte. We have been outside so much and while M and I are both suffering from all the pollen, we'll take this any day over being cooped up inside! We have been playing in the yard and driveway a TON these past few days, and even though our favorite play ground is covered in cankerworms (ewwww!), we have managed to spend a lot of time swinging and sliding. Spring is here and we're pretty darn thrilled about it! 

Part of our fun and sunny weekend included a trip to the US White Water Center on Saturday morning. M didn't care much for the exhibits they had set up, but she sure loved walking around and climbing on their kiddy rock climbing rocks.

We spent all of Saturday afternoon picking up and cleaning up our yard, and it looks so much better out there now. Also, our little garden is finally starting to sprout! We have zucchini and cucumber coming up.

Also, notice the lovely chicken wire around our garden this year. Layla can be the one to thank for that....

After church on Sunday I made J snap a few quick pics of M and myself before putting our play clothes on!


  1. So cute! Shelby loves being outside too. Most all of yesterday was spent that way. :)

  2. So sweet! It's my favorite time of year and I love that y'all are outside enjoying it. And the white water center looks amazing! I can't believe how much hair M has. She's just so beautiful, Rachel! And you look beautiful, too!

  3. I had to laugh when I read the title of your post. Zoe (our18 month old) is constantly saying "Outsiiiiide!" It seems that's one of her only words these days :) But I can't blame her after the winter we had here in Michigan. That poor child was inside way too much, and she would spend every waking moment outside now if we let her :)

  4. M's hair is just beautiful! I love the blonde locks, and the Sunday pics of y'all are darling:)

  5. I refuse to click that link and figure out what a cankerworm is. Gaggggg.