Friday, May 9, 2014

Five on Friday: MOMS!

In honor or Mother's Day on Friday, I thought I'd do a "Mother's Day" themed Five on Friday today! Go link up!

1. First things first, my own mama!! I may live 5 hours away, but I am so thankful that we can call and skype with my mom all the time. M helped me mail a little something to her on Wednesday, but we won't share on here since I know she'll be reading!



2. My friend Rachel shared this article on Facebook the other day, and I then proceeded to share it on my own FB page. It's a good read, especially in this era of social media and being able to compare our lives so easily. 

3. Yesterday we celebrated Mother's Day with a brunch at a friend's house! She hosted 13 of us from our little group in her home (15 babies/toddlers!), and we had a ball and some really delicious food. It's so nice to be able to celebrate motherhood with other moms! I am lucky to have met so many wonderful moms who are going through this season of life with me. 

Good work looking at the camera, M!

M and one of her pals were twins for the morning!

Our spread of food!

4. I shared this commercial on here last year for Mother's Day, but it definitely deserves to get posted again. It is my faaaaaavorite!

5. And finally, a sweet pic of me and the girl who made me a mama!


  1. That last picture is precious! That 2008 picture of you is the best I've seen :)

  2. WOnderful pics of you and your mama and of you and your daughter! Happy Mama Day!

  3. Love love love all the photos! AND...that brunch must have been absolute chaos, but soooooooo much fun! So cool that you have so many friends with littles around the same age! Have a great weekend and FABULOUS Mother's Day!

  4. Love! That Mother's Day party is fantastic! And the publix commercial always makes me weep. Lisa Jo's post was SO good.

  5. oh Lord, that commercial made me cry!