Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

Thanks to a pretty sick little girl, it was a very low key and quiet Mother's Day weekend for us. 
On Friday afternoon M came down with a fever, so we went to the ped where we got a bronchitis diagnosis that was brought on by her allergies. I'm now beginning to wonder if there's something else going on, because although her cough has started to clear up from the antibiotics, the poor girl was still pretty pitiful on day five of this yuckiness. I called the nurse this morning and he said to give it till Thursday before bringing her back in since (thankfully) she hasn't had a fever in over 24 hours. She seems to have turned a corner after dinner tonight, but man, it's been a long couple of days!

The one upside to a sick toddler on Mother's Day is LOTS of snuggles, which are pretty far and few between these days. We also watched Frozen together for the first time, which definitely cheered us all up a bit!

It was pretty nice out on Sunday morning, so we tried to do a little playing in the shade in her pool and water table, but you can tell she was still pretty sad about the whole thing.

But on a happier note, look what she helped me make for Gigi and Granny for Mother's Day! I can't resist a fun handprint craft!

Despite having a sick girl to take care of on Mother's Day, I still had a great day snuggling with my girl. I feel so fortunate to be her mama. On the good and bad days. Being a mama blows my old job out of the water. I love every second of it!


  1. So sorry to hear that M was so sick! I hope she is feeling much better right away! Allergies can be rough and be culprit for many things. Glad you got lots of snuggles at least.

  2. Boo sickness, but YAY to the most adorable craft gift ever! I may have to steal this idea someday.

  3. Aww, sweet girl. :-(

  4. I'm so glad that M is starting to feel better!! Being sick is just the worst :(