Monday, June 30, 2014


This past Saturday morning we had nothing on our agenda for the day. We talked about going to the pool, but it was really cloudy and overcast, so we decided it wasn't a great pool day. After tossing around a few other ideas, we decided to go to the Charlotte Douglas Airport Overlook and watch the planes (or "panes" as M calls them) take off and land. 

What fun (and free) entertainment!

J brought his new GoPro camera and M thought she could use it to take "cheese." 

Speaking of the GoPro, here are two videos he took....

This is M flying like a plane: 

Here she is watching one take off..."bye bye!"

We were probably here for an hour and half just watching the planes, picking flowers, and running around. Such a fun way to spend a Saturday morning!


  1. This has been on my list for us to do. We just need to be home one weekend with no plans! Looks like fun!

  2. We love this! But it's been at least a year since we took Parker - I know he'd enjoy it even more now that he's 3. Definitely need to go back!

  3. Sweet girl! She just looks so happy! :)