Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Father's Day 2014

After a very sick Mother's Day this year, we made up for it with lots of fun family time on Father's Day! Our weekend was so much fun celebrating J! 

On Saturday, we went helmet shopping in the morning for M since our gift to J was a bike seat so M could go on bike rides with him. She had more fun than I expected trying on helmets at Dick's, and she ended up choosing a "PEEEEEEENK" one. We came home and they went on their inaugural ride!

She LOVES the bike now! It's all she has talked about since their first ride.

(We bought this seat and this helmet!)

On Sunday, my darling daughter woke up at 6am (this early morning daylight is killing me, anyone else?), and she and I got up and went to get breakfast for Daddy. We got him a bagel sandwich and we may have gone through the Krispy Kreme drive thru too! Let's be honest. The donuts were totally for me. If I had to get up at 6am on a Sunday, I was having a donut with it!

So on to our fun day! We took M for her first train ride! Well...by train I mean we took her on the Charlotte light rail. But my child totally thought it was a CHOO CHOO and had a BALL! Best $12 we've spent on her in weeks!

She thought she was so cool sitting in the big seats next to mom and Dad!

We took the light rail up into Uptown, and decided to not bring our stroller. M did a lot of walking, but also did a little Ergo riding. I still stand by my statement from months ago that the Ergo is my all time favorite baby item!! If you're a mom to be, get an Ergo or another great carrier (there are other great ones out there too!). It's well worth it. 19 months and we're still happily using it! 

We went and played at Romare-Bearden Park, and M did a great job getting soaked!

We left the park and hopped back on the light rail (more CHOO CHOOS!) and went to lunch at Queen City Q. M was a big fan of the water cup and hush puppies and J had brisket, ribs, and pulled pork. He didn't hold back with his Father's Day meal!

After a train ride home and naps for Daddy and M, we packed a dinner and rode bikes to the pool and played till dusk. 

It was the perfect summer day. We love you J! Thank you for being the best Daddy possible to our little girl. She is not only your mini me, but she is also your biggest fan!

Oh, and just for fun...




  1. I love seeing the flashback to her last year -- she is getting to be such a pretty big girl! Love the "choo-choo" ride ... brilliant!

  2. Love it!! Is she loving the puddlejumper as much as Shelby??

  3. what a fabulous weekend! and I love that you have those comparison shots with the DAD photos. I think I may have to start that next year with Elyse & Baby #2. Have you tried any other carriers? We had a Bjorn for Elyse and we just never really got into using it...I'm thinking of trying out the Ergo next time!

    1. We also had a Moby and K'tan we used when she was itty bitty. I loved the k'tan for the first 2 months. The Moby was a little bit trickier, but still a good carrier!

  4. What a perfect little Father's Day!! I love M with the letters...I did that with Ella this year and you've just inspired me to do it again next year!! :)

  5. What a great day!! M is just so cute! I think the Ergo is one of my favorites too. With our son, I had several carriers that I rotated. I bought the Ergo for Drew and haven't used ANY of our other carriers since! And I still use it regularly - twice this weekend at 2 different grocery stores, ha.

  6. Oh never mind on the seat question. :)