Monday, June 9, 2014

My favorite teacher...

This past week M and I went to Richmond to stay with my parents for the week, and while we had a ball, the main reason I was up there was to honor a former teacher of mine who is retiring next week. She was my music teacher from K-5th grade, and when I say she was a spectacular teacher, what I mean is that she is a model of what every teacher should be. She was fun, she was engaging, she was challenging, she went above and beyond, she loved her job with a passion that was evident to everyone around her....I am so lucky to have been her student. Not only because she instilled a love of music and performing in me at a young age, but she also helped to show me what a great teacher looks like.

I attended the staff meeting at my former elementary school last Thursday (to her surprise) and presented her with a book of letters from some of her former students from the 90's. I, naturally, cried my way through my little speech I had prepared, but it was so neat to get to see her and share these heartfelt letters with her.

I may not be in the classroom right now, as I'm busy staying home with M, but after reading the letters to her, I was so so inspired by the teacher that she was and is. I can only hope that my students will think as fondly of me as we have of Mrs. C! 

What a special afternoon being able to recognize such a special person from my life!


  1. I think that is SO special that you did this for her!

  2. That is super special. I'm sure she really appreciated you making the effort to be there and that she inspired you to be a teacher as well. My favorite teacher from high school(my journalism teacher), I have tried to keep in touch with but it hasn't been easy.

  3. I just love that you did this! I was studying abroad in Spain when my favorite teacher had her retirement party. My parents went and I was so sad to have missed it! Glad you were able to appreciate this special lady! :)

  4. This is so awesome! Teachers need to feel the love more than ever right now.