Monday, August 11, 2014

Cabin Weekend 2014

Two weeks ago (Aug 1-5), we spent 4 full days in the mountains in Western Virginia. We went to our friends' cabin in Rockbridge Baths, and had the best time. I'll be honest, I was terrified of how M would sleep there (she was also the only child with 8 adults), but she really did okay (2 6am wakeups, but still napped each day!) and she had a really fun time visiting the "tabin."

Saturday morning she helped Daddy make breakfast for the whole crew...

Anybody need a bloody mary? Bartender toddler in her pj's will you hook up...

Like most years, we spent a lot of time by the river. However, not as much as in years past. M liked the river, but her attention span is quite short these days.

J brought his GoPro camera and he and M had fun making some videos over the weekend...

One of M's favorite things was playing with the many rocks in the river.

We even collected a few to bring home to paint one afternoon...

We did a lot of relaxing and snacking...

 We also had a new "friend" come join us this year, Shuffle!

Five great days with the best friends!


  1. Sooo fun! Love that picture of the pooch chewing the bone!!

  2. It looks like it was a fabulous time! Love the gopro!