Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Hiking Jump Mountain

When we were at the cabin last weekend, we spent all of Saturday morning hiking Jump Mountain. This was out first "big" hike with M, and she surprisingly did a really awesome job. We have a hiking backpack by Kelty Kids that we bought off craigslist last summer that she rode in on J's back all the way up the mountain and back down. She had fun patting his back and singing us songs all the way up!

When we first arrived, we had to cross a hanging bridge to cross the Maury River.

A Go Pro picture from the hike up...

We were definitely tired after the 1.5 hour hike up. We actually didn't make it all the way to the top, but we did climb around 2,000 feet of elevation and still had an awesome view from at our stopping point!

Stopping for a drink and some snacks

About 5 minutes into our hike down, M had started to fuss, so J told her, "M, just lay down on Daddy's back and take a rest!" and within 2 minutes she was out like a light. She stayed asleep all the way to the bottom of the mountain as she bounced along on his back. Kids amaze me with how they can sleep anywhere!

And just for fun! I found this shot of M in the backpack last summer in the Adirondacks in NY....

We crossed back over the bridge before we all crashed int he car and enjoyed a lazy afternoon back at the cabin. Well, the 4 hikers were quite lazy! M had enough energy after the hike and her nap to last her for weeks. She was ready to go on Saturday afternoon while the rest of us were ready for our nap!


  1. Y'all are so fun and I love that M is just along for the ride. Sweet girl!

  2. So fun!!! Looks beautiful!

  3. It looks like it was a successful hike!

  4. That's my kind of hiking M! :) Love the comparison shot!