Tuesday, August 19, 2014

21 Months

On July 25 (I know, I know...I'm a tad behind), My little piglet turned 21 months old. Only a quarter of the year left till she's TWO!

M, here are some little tidbits about you right now:

  • You love graham crackers. You ask for them at all hours of the day, and would eat them at all hours of the day if I let you. 
  • You now know where the cookies are at Harris Teeter and will spend the whole grocery shopping trip anticipating and talking about that cookie. Your other favorite feature of Harris Teeter is the mylar balloons at check out.
  • You talk nonstop. You're very vocal and have a very big vocabulary, especially when we're at home; you tend to be a bit shy and talk less in public. You know all of your basic colors, most of your friends names (and last names!), all of the characters on Sesame Street (you love Abby Cadabby!) and Daniel Tiger, and you are able to identify a handful of letters. I am constantly in awe of how much you learn in such a short period of time!
  • You also like to sing (Lalala - Elmo's Song, "Sunshine", Open Shut Them, and Baby Beluga ("Baby Beluuuu") are your current favs). 

  • One thing I love so much about you as you grow is how much you remember! We go certain places and you will start talking about something that happened the last time we were there. You also come home from our morning outings and love to tell Daddy about all of the things you did and people you saw while we were out.
  • You move constantly. Sitting still is nearly impossible for you unless the television is on. You are constantly wiggling, dancing, jumping, twisting...you never stop.
  • You sure know how to throw a tantrum. And that's about all I have to say about that!
  • We have really started to enjoy longer stories and books, and you no longer destroy paper books! Favorite books right now: Anything by Mo Willems, Circle Dogs, Llama Llama books, your Sesame Street Flap books, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, and If You Give a Pig a Pancake. 
  • You still love dogs! You now call our dogs by their names: Zee (Rosie) and Lay (Layla).

  • You continue to be a pretty great eater. There's not much you won't try, and you surprise us with your tastes. You recently ate a full serving of green beans and red peppers at dinner, and you really like meat (and call all of it pork, regardless of what it is!). You still love yogurt and ask for it a lot.
  • Related to foods you love, you and Daddy make eggs together every morning in your learning tower. You can recite every step to him and have a name for every ingredient you guys pull out of the fridge ("orange cheese" and "moo milk!")
  • You love Mommy (as of early July, you stopped calling me Mama, now it's all Mommy). You were doing really well for awhile being away from Mommy, but lately if I leave you anywhere, you aren't too happy. You do good with Daddy, but you are still concerned with where I went.
  • Our favorite weekly outing for the past 3 months has been music with Miss A! She's taking August and September off and we really miss our weekly music class!

  • Sleep. Sleep has been a funny issue over the last few months. We've had some long stretches where you'd go to bed at 8 and play in your crib till 9:30 and then wake up at 5:30/6. This was a rough time and it still occasionally happens. Thankfully, I've noticed it's started to get light out a bit later, and I moved your bath time up a bit, and that combo seems to have helped. However, if there's one thing I've learned in my 21 months of motherhood, it's that sleep patterns change very regularly!
  • You've gone from having 3 interchangeable lovies to just ONE. Daddy and I call it the "One True Lovey." You can identify him by just looking at the tag since that's your favorite part.
  • One of our favorite parts of summer has been going to the pool. You're quite the little fish and love to swim by yourself in your puddle jumper. But if I'm really being honest, you're real favorite part of the pool is your "lunch box!" 
  • We've started doing a lot of talk about the potty, but no actual training yet. I think we may start in September when the pool closes? I won't lie though. The thought of potty training you sort of terrifies me since I know how head strong you can be...

Sweet girl, you are growing and changing SO much these days. There is very little baby left in you as you get closer and closer to your second birthday. You are so big and yet so little all at the same time. One minute you'll be so independent and want no help from me (like when you're getting dressed), but then when you look at me and say "Mommy hand?" when we're going somewhere, I smile since I know you still need me. 

We love you to the moon and back my sweet girl!

Height: 34.5 inches 
Clothes: Mostly 24M and a few 2T things.
Diapers: Size 4 in disposables; 5-6 snaps open across in the BG cloth, all the way unbuttoned down.
Teeth:16! All teeth are now in until those two years molars!


  1. I didn't see her weight?
    What a cutie! Shelby is starting to remember things as well. I'm still Mama though :(

  2. I love that kids go through phases of what they like and so many are the same! E got obsessed with Elmo and Abby Cadabby about this same age. So much so that I changed her second birthday party to an Abby theme. M is getting so big and so precious!!

  3. It's so fun to read about someone a little ahead of Drew - she's verbal but not nearly as much as it seems that Maggie is. It's just crazy how much they learn in such a short period of time! And their size difference cracks me up. Drew is wearing 6-9 months shorts, 9-12 month shirts, and we just moved up her pj's to 12-18 month but they are so big. She is a peanut for sure.