Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Fall is finally here

After a VERY hot week last week, yesterday we woke up to some cooler temperatures yesterday, and I'm beginning to think we may finally be entering fall here in North Carolina. I'm welcoming it with open arms after the hot and humid week we had last week. I haven't broken out the boots yet, but I have no shame in my pumpkin beer drinking game.

This past weekend, we spent a lot of time at home finishing up potty training. I could not be happier with how well M has done. By the end of Saturday, we went out to watch the Vandy game with J's alumni group here in Charlotte, and while it was terrifying leaving the house with her in underwear, she did awesome. I'm not going to do a post on it, but if you have any questions regarding potty training, feel free to email me! A few people asked on IG if I was going to do a post, but honestly, I don't want to share with the whole world how I got my little one to use a toilet. I will say though, Elmo underwear, M&M's, and stickers were game changers for my easily motivated toddler.

Like I mentioned above, we did watch the Vandy game on Saturday, and well...it was sad. But we're still representing with our new flag and flag pole we put out front on Saturday morning. I need to order a JMU flag now...especially since they did win this past weekend.

And I feel like I need to mention what took up a great deal of our weekend...

Oh my goodness, we're obsessed. We started it a few weeks ago, and now that we're wrapped into the story, we're flying through it. I won't lie, I didn't think it'd be for me, but I love it. 

And last but not least...a few toddler pictures. We are already having a lot of leaves falling in our yard (what's that about?!), and she's really into the "lellow" leaves. And she loves that they're crunchy.


  1. woohoo for potty training! M & M's and stickers were as good as gold at our house too!