Friday, September 5, 2014

Odds and Ends

1. We had such a great time with our friends who came to visit us last weekend! We took them to Block and Grinder for dinner on Saturday night, and if you're a Charlotte resident and haven't been, GO! It's probably my favorite place for a steak dinner in Charlotte! This is us at lunch on Sunday at JJ's!

2. We're potty training this week. Full on, no more diapers except for sleep, potty training. We may or may not ever leave the house again. I am feeling thankful right now for: moms who have been down this path before and can reassure me that she's doing great and give me advice, M&M's, AND beer. A beer hasn't tasted as good as it does when your potty training toddler goes to bed. I really can't complain too much, though. After a LOT of accidents on Wednesday when we started, she's done awesome on days 2 and 3!

3. We closed out our Labor Day weekend and summer with one last trip to the pool last weekend.

4. We have quite the little sous chef by our sides in the kitchen these days. She wants to help at all meal times and we're doing our best to find (safe) ways to let her stand in her tower and help. Last week she helped me make guacamole and had the best time!

5. I read 8 books this summer! That's a record for me...especially considering I read a total of 4 books in 2013. Any book recommendations? I'm currently reading Goodnight June by Sarah Jio. Not sure how I feel about it yet...also, if we're not goodreads friends, add me! I have a link in my sidebar.


  1. I'm sure she's doing great with potty training momma! We went all diapers period...back at the end of June and the results couldn't have pleased me more! However, those first few days were definitely a little rough!

    And I love that she helps you in the kitchen, we really need to get Elyse a good tower so she can help out more easily! It would make meal prep so much easier...what tower did you end up buying for M?

  2. You'll have do a potty training post when you are done. Zoe seems interested but I have no idea where to start!

  3. Yay! Potty Training!!! I am not even close to ready for this... Isaac has started to tell me when he's going peepee or poo in his diaper, but hasn't shown any interest in the potty yet. Maybe I'm crazy, but I'm not especially excited to get this going until after baby comes. Isaac is going to endure LOTS of change in the next few months (new bedroom, big boy bed, new baby, etc.) and I don't want to push things during such a turbulent time. I'm totally interested in any tips you may have though!!!!

  4. Shelby loves to help in the tower too. I'm working to find ways to be safe as well. :) We do the potty in the morning and at night with her, but that's it. They don't start until she turns 2 at school, and let's be honest... they're going to have to take charge since she spends most of her time there.