Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Around Here (2014 Version)

Here is my same post from the beginning of October in 2012 and 2013....

Needing to unpack and do laundry and settle back into a routine at home after 2 weeks away.

Reading I am Having So Much Fun Without You by Courtney Maum

Hoping that this beautiful fall weather sticks around for awhile. Not too hot and not too cold. It's perfection out there right now.

Watching The Voice! And of course all of our other fall favorites that have returned (Homeland, Modern Family, Parenthood). I also started watching Gracepoint with my dad last week and really liked it (it has Skylar form Breaking Bad), and J and I are still flying through Game of Thrones. I sort of want to be the Khaleesi for Halloween...

Sleeping in a messy room. I recently told J that all I want for my birthday next month is a bedroom makeover. We'll see if we make that happen.

Wearing my fitbit everywhere. I have had it for about 3 months now and I still love it and find it to be so motivating!

Feeling confused. I am going to have a two year old in less then 3 weeks. HOW did that happen?

Spending nap time reading. My stack of books from the library is a little out of control right now. I have Big Little Lies and #Girlboss up next in my queue.

Listening to Frozen everywhere we go in the car. We're a little behind the times, but my little one has caught the Frozen bug and we listen to "Ole-off" and his buddies non stop these days.

Enjoying Halloween candy. Enough said.

Dining at HOME. After so many night away, it feels good to back in the kitchen and cooking.

Dating my husband this upcoming Saturday! We have a sitter coming over so we can go see Gone Girl!

Daydreaming about a trip to the mountains. I'd love a fun day in the mountains when the leaves are changing and the weather is perfectly crisp.

Wondering who came and taught my child all of the new words she's been throwing out at this. To name just a few, yesterday she threw out neighborhood and backward, and she is constantly surprising us with her ability to sing full songs back to us. Crazy how fast she picks things up!

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  1. The language! Drew's vocabulary has just exploded the last few weeks, and I love it! We have a trip to a 'ranch resort' in Colorado next week for our 10 year anniversary - I can't wait to see the mountains and hike and just enjoy the clean, COLD air (given it was above 90 in Texas today)!