Sunday, October 26, 2014

Birthday! Birthday! Birthday!

What a weekend we had! M is now two and we partied it up all weekend with our little toddler and I think it's safe to say we all had a fun (and sugary) time!

We started off her birthday weekend with a very small party on Friday night where we had a few friends and my parents here for dinner and cake. J made chili and cornbread and had pb&j and snacks for the kids. It was so fun and low key which is just what we wanted!

By the end of the night, M had changed out of her "TWO" shirt and into her flower girl dress since it's still a hot item in her closet these days. What better way to party than in your flower girl dress?

My sweet friend, Sarah! Sarah is one of my best friends from Virginia that I grew up with, and she also lives in Charlotte now.

Just for fun, here she is with M at the hospital after her birth!

My sweet Mommy friends and M's pals! We're so glad they could be here with us!

At one point in the evening, M had pulled all the pillows off our sofas and she and her pals were having a little slumber party down on the floor. They were cracking us up!

My parents brought her a Ukrops cake from Richmond, and it was deeeelicious!

"Mom....enough pictures. I just want cake!"

She loved when we sang to her and she got to blow out candles....this was the first of many times we sang to her over the weekend. She requested it all day on Saturday!

And, as expected, the cake was a hit!

On Saturday, her actual birthday, she started the day with a trip to Krispy Kreme with her dad for donuts! And then we obviously put a candle in one and sang to her again!

After donuts we opened presents...

Lots of Frozen presents!

She had to go outside to find her present from us!

We got her a balance bike! It's a FirstBike for anyone who is interested! 

We headed to a local park so she could ride it on the blacktop there and do some playing!

After crashing at nap time, we went to Bad Daddy's for dinner

And finally...I know I put this on instagram already, but it's worth putting here too!

We go to Lowe's almost every Saturday, so when M noticed earlier this week that we had a lightbulb out in our dining room, she immediately said we needed to go to Lowe's to fix it. She has talked about this all week, so after dinner on her birthday, we did just what she wanted and went to Lowe's. Doesn't take much to make her happy!

What a busy weekend! When I put M to bed last night I laid her in crib, said, "I love you, baby girl! Hope you've had a great birthday" and she responds with, "MORE CAKE!" That's my girl!


  1. So much fun!!!! We went for an understated, family-centered bday with Isaac this year too... all of his favorite activities and foods with cupcakes and candles mixed in ;) Can you even believe our babies are 2?!?!!?

  2. so precious! We got Elyse a Kazaam bike for her first bike and she's still not all that interested in time, I guess! This year for 3 with Elyse will definitely be low-key since I'll have a newborn in tow!

  3. Awww yay!!! I loved reading about Maggie's birthday weekend!! So glad you all had so much fun! I love that bike and the Lowe's thing just cracks me up!!! She is too cute!!

  4. It was such a fun weekend with our little ray of sunshine!!! We can't get enough of her!! Thanks for having us.