Friday, October 17, 2014

Five on Friday

I haven't linked up to the 5 on Friday link up since the girls started it again this fall. Today seems like a great day to get back in the swing of things!

1. Fancy Nancy! Back when I was teaching, these books were quite popular among the younger kids at my school. My fourth graders weren't reading them, but at my school at the beach we actually had a kindergarten teacher who had a "Fancy Nancy Day" where all the kids had to get super dressed up and they had a fancy tea party and used their nicest manners and british accents for the day. I thought the books might be a bit too "old" for M, but she saw them on an end cap at the library recently and we had to bring a few home. She is now Fancy Nancy's biggest fan! They're longer books for a two year old, but she'll sit and listen contently to the whole story. Also, I think they're kinda cute and funny!

2. Front door makeover! I posted this on IG this past weekend....

I've decided on a color (I'll share soon), and I am hoping to getting around to painting this weekend. Yesterday I started a makeover on the hardware. I was originally going to buy new door handles and locks and a new door knocker (still replacing this since the current one has the former residents last name on it...still...oops!), but after seeing the $134 pricetag at Lowe's for a new handle and lock, I went to Young House Love to see if there was a cheaper way to tackle this, and sure enough I found a great post full of details on how paint your door's hardware. 

Yesterday during nap time I deglossed and spray painted the pieces. Can't wait for this whole project to come together!

3. M is still rocking her flower girl dress almost daily. I actually had to hide it in the back of her closet since she wants to wear it EVERYWHERE. At this point she may be wearing it for Halloween since she absolutely hates the costume I bought for her. Here she is playing with her babies in it. Girl is crazy.

4. Pumpkin Spice Trail Mix from Target. I know, I know. Like every other girl out there, I too love the pumpkin spice craziness. This is my favorite nap time snack right now!

5. Ponytails and green smoothies. These two items would top M's list of favorites for the week. How she drinks it through a straw and still gets the smoothie all over her face, I'll never know!



  1. Do you have any recommendations for smoothie recipes or recipe books? It's been almost impossible to get Zoe to eat veggies unless they are in one of her beloved pouches (which are SO expensive). I think she's LOVE smoothies since I can mix fruit in as well. I just don't know where to start! And do you use a blender or have a Vitamix or something similar?

  2. I was a flower girl when I was 6 and the dress was super age-inappropriate -- peach taffeta with off the shoulder skeeves and a sweetheart neckline (so 80s) - it was basically just a shrunken version of the bridesmaids dresses. ANYHOO, my mom hated it, but it was my favorite thing ever. She let me play in mud puddles, in the creek -- anything I could think of until it was so disgusting we had to throw it out. Like the childhood version of Trash the Dress. I still remember thinking my mom was SO COOL for letting me wear such a BEAUTIFUL princess dress outside.

    (Maggie's dress is adorable. Her loving it just reminded me of that memory!)