Thursday, October 2, 2014

Stitch Fix #4

A few weeks ago, I got my fourth Stitch Fix in the mail. I did a write up on my first and second Stitch Fix (totally skipped over #3, which, funny enough, was my favorite SF and I kept all 5 pieces), and I figured I'd share what came in my fourth box.

We'll start with the KEEPS...

Vicente Pleat Detail Henley Blouse

I really really like this top. It's loose and flowy, but still has some shape to it. I'm planning to pair it with skinny jeans for the fall and I'll add in a cardigan or jean jacket in the colder months.

Clove Twist-Back Striped Cardigan

I love open front cardigans like this one. I especially like the unique pattern on the back of this one.

And now for the items I SENT BACK....

Cheyenne Colorblocked Mixed Knit Shirt

When I opened my box, this was initially my favorite item and I thought for sure that I'd keep it, but it ended up going back because it was just too short for my liking in the front. It barely grazed the top of my jeans and I tend to like things to fall a little bit further down. Bummer that it wasn't a great fit for me because I wanted it to work!

Alexzandria Floral Print Sheer Sleeve Knit Top

This was one that I wanted to like, but the exposed zipper on the back (I trend I don't really love) plus the shape of it on my body (very baggy, I looked like I had a sack on), just made it a no go for me.

And finally the Al Linen Wide Leg Pant

I didn't photograph the actual pair of pants because I just couldn't get a good shot, and I didn't want to model the clothes. I liked the idea of these pants, and my stylists said she chose them because they made a great pair of comfortable but stylish pants for a busy mom chasing around a toddler. They were certainly comfortable, but the color was kind of olive green and I was worried I just wouldn't have much to wear with them. If they had been a gray or maybe a navy, I would have snatched them up!

Overall, I was pleased. I really loved 4 of my items (I wouldn't say I loved the floral top), but two got sent back because of sizing issues. Have you ordered from Stitch Fix lately? What have your thoughts been?

As always, my Stitch Fix links are referral codes, and I get a discount on future orders! But all thoughts and opinions in this post have been my own!


  1. As soon as I saw the mixed knit shirt, I knew what the problem would be. After having kids - shirts HAVE to be longer in the front. I saw that and thought 'too short' haha. #mamatummyproblems