Thursday, October 9, 2014

Two Weddings and One Flower Girl

We spent the last week of September and the first week of October up in Virginia visiting with family, and celebrating at two weddings! Our first weekend there my cousin Kelly got married, and the following weekend J's older sister got married. I think it's safe to say that M loves weddings now that she knows they involve dancing and lots of cake!

My cousin Kelly got married in a field in King George, VA. Very simple, so much fun! She had gorgeous weather for her outdoor wedding and reception!

Before the fun started, we let M walk around with her baby doll stroller to stay busy. 

My sister, Me, Kelly, and my brother

Like I said above....homegirl thinks weddings (or parties as she calls them now) are the greatest way to spend a sunny afternoon!

Fast forward to the next weekend...

At my SIL's wedding, she was a flower girl with her big cousin. I was so worried with how she'd do at the ceremony (especially since the ceremony was at 2 and she usually goes down for her nap between 1-1:30), but she walked right down the aisle with her cousin and did great! My parents were kind enough to take her out of the sanctuary during the service since quiet is not really in her vocabulary at this age! I can't wait to see the photographers pictures of her at the church!

I think she probably ate 6 dozen grapes dipped in whipped cream at the reception...

Family photo...

By 6pm, this girl was D-O-N-E!

Before we called it a night, we all went inside J's parents home (the reception was in their backyard) and we chatted and had fun with his family and cousins who were all in town for the big day. His cousin Sam sat down the piano and started playing "Let It Go" and "Do You Want To Build A Snowman?" and we had a little sing along.

But as you can see....someone was flat out exhausted by this point. You can tell she is ready for bed when she takes her lovey and rubs the tag in her ear. you like all of the sticker "art"? 

It was so fun seeing so much family in such a short period of time. We loved catching up and getting to hang out with so many loved ones while in Virginia!


  1. Love that cake at your cousins wedding! Wow!!!

  2. Such great pics - looks like a good time was had by all!!! Drew runs her fingers through her hair when she nurses, is tired, is bored, etc. Trent used to stick the corner of his blanket in his ear. It's so fun to see their little quirks.