Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Oh to be two...

When you're two... can wear your dress up clothes to help your dad make breakfast with your apron and sunglasses on, and that's totally normal. can request any hairstyle you want from the minute you wake up, and know you look really good rocking it (even if it is a bow too big for your head, or four barrettes hanging off your forehead).'s more fun to take fifteen minutes going up the steps for bath time, because you realize this is the end! Once your parents get you in the tub, it's all over.'re too much of a big girl to ride in the stroller for walks. It works a lot better if you are the one pushing six baby dolls in a stroller.

....stickers are your best accessory! can only listen to the Frozen soundtrack in mom's car. NOTHING ELSE.'s important to check out all public potties!

...the car cart at Harris Teeter is far superior to the regular carts, and you'll be sure to make sure everyone knows about this if you get stuck in a regular cart. tell people your dogs' favorites colors are the colors of their collars "Rosie like orange! Layla like purple!"

...a helium filled balloon is as great a toy as anything from the toy aisles at Target.

....some days you just have to change your shoes eight times before leaving the house.

...seeing school buses and stop signs are two of the best parts about leaving your house. need four songs sang to you, in the correct order, before your mom can put you in the crib for naps or bedtime.

...bath time can either be a nightly highlight or torture. Totally depends on the day. can recite most of a book with 90% accuracy.'re certainly a busy bee and a lot of work, but you're also pretty darn adorable!

Oh to be two!


  1. Haha, fantastic list! I can def' relate to some of these!! :)

  2. Where did you get that step stool/chair she's standing on?