Monday, November 17, 2014

Picture Dump

Looks like I have let my blog slip past me and it's been close to two weeks since I last updated! I feel like we've been home just living life, but things are just busy! Between our weekly routine of music class and the library and playdates, and then just our normal old play time at home, it just feels like life is flying by. And on top of that, I've just had awful allergies this fall, like I go through 20+ tissues a day allergies, and that has made me extra lazy during M's nap times because I just feel rough. Hoping to be sniffle and sneeze free soon! an effort not to just share the same old pictures most of you have already seen on instagram or facebook, I thought I'd share a few that have been sitting on my phone. Warning...lots of toddler pictures ahead!

One of her new favorite things to say is, "Laughing!" and then fake laugh really hard. Cracks us up. Also...we're super duper into ponytails right now.

Been going on on lots of walks (gotta get my fitbit steps!) when I can convince her to ride in her stroller. I usually bribe her with apple slices, which is funny because she's not that crazy about apples at meal times, but will eat 7-8 slices on a walk in her stroller. So weird.

Found my headphones (I've been doing a lot of listening to Serial). J calls her "DJ Happy and You Know It" since that's one of her favorite songs at the moment.

Big news! I removed our changing table from M's room! It used to be under this window. I feel like we gained so much space in her room by getting it out!

New favorite spot to sit in the living room when she watches her shows....

I love her coat and hat that my grandmother sent her for her birthday! Both are from Kohl's.

An finally, the other night I had my drying rack out with a cardigan drying on top, and M wiggled herself underneath it in her Elsa dress and proceeded to sing all of Let It Go and Snowman for us. Since then, she has wiggled herself back underneath the drying rack about five more times like it's this new secret hang out spot she has discovered. Once again...toddler are so weird and so funny!

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  1. It's so funny reading this because she reminds me so much of Drew. Evidence: 1) We have the same Carter's striped shirt in the pigtails picture. 2) She is obsessed with Let It Go and Love is an Open Door and will randomly burst into song. 3) When nursing the other night she had me sing If You're Happy and You Know It and she proceeded to clap, stomp, and use your hands to show 'hooray!'. Silly, silly girls!