Monday, December 8, 2014

30 and 31

On November 28 J celebrated his big 30th birthday and two days later on the 30th I celebrated my 31st. Catch all that? 30 on November 28 for J and 31 on November 30 for me! 

On J's birthdays I actually started to feel really icky from my sinus infection, but that didn't stop us from some fun. M insisted days before that we make cupcakes for Daddy's birthday. So even though we still had three leftover pies from Thanksgiving the day before, we made 24 cupcakes!

As always, she was a big help!

We went out to a local Mexican place for dinner with J's parents who were still in town and then we came back to open presents and eat our cupcakes!

These two don't mess around with their cake!

On my birthday, J and M took me to Toast for brunch. They never disappoint and I think M would go to brunch every day of her life if it meant a big stack of pancakes for her.

After Toast we went to Freedom Park and played for a bit. It was a beautiful day. A little chilly but not COLD! We remembered when we got to Freedom that we actually went there last year on my birthday and everyone was bundled up so tight from the cold. I was thankful to have some nicer weather for my birthday this year. I still wasn't feeling great, but I thankfully had started my antibiotics by this point so I was slowly starting to feel like myself again.

Later that evening, we headed to pick out our Christmas tree, which might be my new favorite birthday tradition. At least on the years when Thanksgiving falls late in November like it has for the past two years! 

J made us dinner and (again) M helped me blow out my candles on my requested cookie cake! My cookie cake read, "Mama Firty-One" because that's what M has been saying about me for the past month. When J ordered this at our Harris Teeter they called to confirm that it wasn't a typo. I can't think of a better thing to have on my cake this year!


  1. Still just love that cookie cake...sweet celebrations!

  2. Happy birthday to you both!!