Friday, December 12, 2014

Santa! I know him!

I know, I know. I've already shared the pictures on the left before, but I'm a sucker for seeing a kid change and grow over the course of the year. Can we just talk about how HUGE my child looks all of the sudden? 

I really thought she might lose it on Santa this year, but she was totally cool about it. Not overly happy, but more like, "Sure, whatever. I'll sit here if it makes everyone happy!" She did tell Santa she wants "purple presents" this year. Not really sure what exactly that means...regardless, I just love this little girl to pieces! 

And because this one just kills me....


  1. I am a terrible mom and have never done Santa pictures unless you count at church. I just don't think about it until about December 20 and by that point there is NO way I am hitting up a mall! MG looks precious in all 3 pictures, and I can't get over her curls! Love! Hope your sister is doing better!

  2. The look she's giving Santa...Buddy the Elf would not approve! :) So cute!