Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Sinus Infection x 2

In an effort to catch up, I'm going to *try* to blog more this week than I have in the last few weeks! I want to post about Thanksgiving and birthdays, but I also want to play catch up and document some of the other "stuff" we've had going on!

The weekend before Thanksgiving, we headed north of Charlotte to visit the Carolina Renaissance Festival. J and I had been three years ago before M was around, and it was definitely a fun and entertaining way to spend a Saturday. The people watching is fantastic, and while it is way over priced, it's still fun! We decided to take M this year and we thought she was going to have a ball! She really liked the petting zoo....

And pushing her BOB through out the whole fair (note to self...don't bring stroller next time when your child won't ride in it).

At noon, we sat down to see a show about birds of prey (which was pretty neat!), and half way through the show, M was falling asleep in my arms. This is so not like her. She is usally go go go and I have to force her to nap every day, and most days the nap won't even start till 2pm. I knew something was up. 

We carried her to the car (because as mentioned above, there was no way she was gonna let me put her in that stroller). And she slept the whole 45 minute drive home. She took a long nap at home and by dinner time she had a fever, and we spent most of Saturday night beside her bed rubbing her back to get her to sleep or rocking her. She was miserable. Somewhere around 4am, I decided to document the fun state of affairs with a photo.

Sunday was the same...feverish and just fussy and unhappy. Needless to say, we watched a lot of Frozen.

Monday morning we went to see her pediatrician, and he confirmed what I suspected, a yucky sinus infection. We got her some antibiotics, but it took every bit of 5 days for her to really start feeling better. We did a lot of lounging last week (in between me prepping meals for Thanksgiving!).

We watched The Little Mermaid for the first time, and while she did like it, she also asked where Anna was a few times. She's a very loyal Frozen fan!

On Wednesday (still in pj's...are you sensing a theme among my photos?) she helped color her daddy's birthday present. We decided he needed some stickers and crayons all over the wrapping paper.

Like I said, she was finally starting to feel better by day 5 of the antibiotics (that was the Friday after Thanksgiving), and this was the day that I started to feel pretty yucky. On Saturday morning went to the Minute Clinic at our CVS and also got a sinus infection diagnosis. I am guessing the crazy jump in temperature and seasonal allergies just led to it in both of us since it wasn't a contagious thing. Either way....I am glad that our drugs have done their job and we're both finally feeling better. It's no fun to be sick over the holidays when you have company in town!

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  1. I used to almost without fail get a sinus infection in November and April because of the crazy weather changes. I have a trick that for the last 2 or so years has kept me from getting sick - I swear! When you start to feel the drainage/tickling/sore throat/yuckiness, you make this 'tea' - 1 cup of hot water, about a T of raw honey and a T of apple cider vinegar (Dr. Bragg's), and drink it twice a day. I also add essential oils sometimes to help with cough and sore throat. And I SWEAR within 2 days, I am better and not worse. Then I also use a netti-pot/sinus rinse. I absolutely hate getting sick and hate it more when my kids are, so I'm glad y'all are all on the mend!