Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

Like the rest of you, we stuffed our faces with great food last Thursday for Thanksgiving and enjoyed a rather lazy day with our family. This year J's parents and his sister and our new brother in law came to town to spend Thanksgiving with us. While hosting is a little bit of work, we actually really enjoy it and it's easier on M (and us) to not travel and have to sleep in a pack and play. Everyone is happier when she's sleeping in her own bed. Especially when she's been sick!

His parents came late Wednesday evening, and I made Half Baked Harvest's Sunday Sauce and we ate it over Arugula pasta from Pasta and Provisions here in Charlotte. Here's a friendly little PSA for all of you....MAKE THIS SAUCE FRIENDS! It's so so good and relatively easy and it's great for company! Later that evening my sister and brother in law got in, but I was already fast asleep. J stayed up for them! Here's my picture from when I made it earlier this fall over pappardelle....

On Thursday morning we had bagels and eggs and watched the parade. The parade is probably my favorite part of Thanksgiving (well, after pecan pie), and I was so excited for M to watch it with me this year. She had fun watching all the balloons and floats with characters on them.

Midday we put out some snacks for everyone to munch on since our meal wasn't going to be till about 5 since I didn't want M to miss it during her nap.  We had a pumpkin dip, goat cheese and orange marmalade, these awesome ginger sausages my SIL brought, and some other cheeses and crackers. We also had some great brittle provided by a local bakery that I am going review next week. It was fabulous!

While I was prepping all of our sides for the day, J was busy outside smoking our turkey! This was our first year trying a turkey in the smoker, but oh my goodness, it was SO good. I don't ever want to go back to an over baked turkey. Turkey has always been one of my least favorite parts of the meal, but this year I went back for seconds. It was delicious!

Around 4 my good friend Sarah came over to spend some time with us. She stayed for the meal too and we were so happy she stayed in Charlotte this year and could join us!

When meal time rolled around, we all dug in, including this one who would only eat her turkey straight from the bone. My SIL got this picture of her. We were all dying.

Here's a look at our plates this year...

Smoked Turkey by J
Pecan Dressing from Texas Monthly (thanks to Kate for sharing this recipe!)
Sister Shubert Rolls
And Apple and Pumpkin Pie from my MIL

After dinner there was some dress up and time for playing...

And we also got to skype with my family in Virginia. After M went to bed we played a fun card game my BIL taught us called Hand and Foot. Confusing but fun!

Hope your family had a great turkey day! Until next year!


  1. Mmmm, it all looks delicious! And, we loooove to play hand and foot. It's usually our beach game :) We'll have to get together and play one night!

  2. Everything looks perfect. We actually enjoy hosting too. I like pulling out my china and it's easier with Shelby.

  3. YAY Pecan Dressing! I'm cracking up over Maggie and her turkey leg!

  4. You prepared a lovely meal!!! We love Hand and Foot!!