Friday, January 2, 2015

a GOOD Christmas.

It's okay to do a Christmas recap on January 2...right? Like I said a few posts ago, I feel like my blog is always a few weeks behind, but at the same time, I don't want to go without posting! This post is a little on the rambling side. Please bear with me!

We had a very different Christmas. It was unlike any of our Christmases in the past, and it wasn't what we planned for earlier in the season, but it was still good. For various reasons, we decided the Sunday before Christmas to stay home and not travel to Virginia the week of Christmas to see our families. 

Throughout the month of December my pastor did a sermon series called "Home For Christmas" (find it here or listen to the podcast on itunes) and his first sermon was on handling expectations at Christmas time, and I am pretty sure there will never be a Christmas message that will stick with me as much as this one did. I am really bad about setting up expectations in my mind and then feeling really let down when things don't go as planned. Anyone else? The biggest thing I pulled away from my pastor's message was this...

Mary relinquished all of her expectations for HOPE. 
Hope in a baby boy who she would be giving birth to in a manger.

Expectations are the belief that something will be successful.
Hope is the belief that something GOOD will happen.

It's funny how switching out those two sets of words makes such a big difference. When our plans for the week of Christmas began to unravel and we realized we wouldn't be traveling to see our families the week of Christmas, I didn't really fret or get down. I was sad, but I didn't let it ruin our holiday week. Instead, I knew that this would still be a memorable and special Christmas, just very different. When M spent the two nights before Christmas puking hour after hour and I was up half the night washing sheets and pajamas and blankets and lovies and pillows, I was sad for her since she wasn't feeling her best (and I won't lie, I also felt so so tired), but overall, I wasn't entirely let down. Christmas day was still a beautiful day of rejoicing our Savior's birth, and we spent the day together just the three of us. It was definitely not a "successful" Christmas, but it was good! (And thankfully no one else caught her stomach bug!)

(Notice the change of jammies from Christmas Eve to Christmas Morning...)

Again, sorry for the rambling and long windedness above, but when I look back on Christmas 2014, this is what I want to remember; our Christmas did not go as planned. Not at all. But it was still so good and so sweet as we celebrated our first Christmas just the three of us!

Later this month we're heading to Virginia to see our families and to do some "late" celebrating. So thankful that we get to make up our time with them and have a few days with them. 

And one last thing...totally not related to the serious tone of my post above, but I want to always remember my favorite gift from this year! M and I gave J this t-shirt (you can see it on hime above)...

Two major parts of 2014 for us were watching Game of Thrones together and M's love for Frozen. This only seemed appropriate for her Daddy! She now requests "Daddy wear your Elsa shirt!" every morning! 


  1. So sorry she was sick! Seems like she's had a rough month or two with sickness. Lucky we have been free(shelby has, not us) from illness.
    HOpe everyone is feeling better! Happy New Year!

  2. Sorry your travel plans were cancelled but probably for the best since she got sick. The only thing worse than being sick is not being able to sleep in your own bed. Glad you still had a good Christmas though :)

  3. So sorry she got sick but there are so many things I love about this...her face in the first picture and her purple bow are precious! Also, J's shirt is awesome! Glad it was a good Christmas. :)

  4. Despite the change of plans, I'm glad you all had a good Christmas! Cheers to a happy (and healthy!) 2015!

  5. It looks and sounds like you made it a Happy Christmas!

  6. I wondered why he was wearing a Frozen shirt - glad you shared the full shirt - that is great! It could sum up a big chunk of my year too. :)