Wednesday, January 7, 2015

loving lately

Some things I'm really loving right now...

M's new gymnastics class that we started at our Y yesterday. She had a lot of fun and I'm stoked at the the price of this class versus the Gymboree/Little Gym prices. Yay YMCA!

Hot tea. I'm really trying to cut out soda from my diet. I didn't drink it a ton before, but I also didn't hold back. If I wanted a soda, I just went and got one. In an effort to replace that need for something other than soda I'm going for hot tea. It's by no means the same thing, but it's working. 

When M wakes in the morning she now yells, "Mommy! It's morning! Come open your door up! Time to eat yogurt!" EVERYDAY. While it makes me a little crazy when I want a few more minutes of shut eye, it's also so cute.

The Affair on Showtime. We just finished it after watching all ten episodes in about a week. I really really liked it.

Podcasts. Like everyone else, I got sucked into Serial back in November, and I've been on the search for other great podcasts since then. I've found a few I enjoy listening to (I love to listen while working out), but I'd love other suggestions!

ThredUp! I recently did a closet clean out and had planned to take most the items to goodwill (I don't have the patience to iron and get things looking nice for consignment, also I don't have that many high end items). Anyway....I gave ThredUp a try and mailed them a bag of stuff I was planning to donate and got $40 back. I'll consider that a win!

The Imitiation Game. Go see it. Totally different movie, but I thoroughly enjoyed Into The Woods as well!

When M goes to bed at night, I always sing her a combo of songs. For the past few weeks she's been singing them with me, and well, it melts my heart like nothing else. I could listen to that sweet voice sing songs all night. 


  1. I enjoyed The Affair too. I watched it as the season progressed so it felt a little slow to start for me but by the end I was hooked. And also not happy with who she ends up with. (I'd say more but I hate to spoil it for anyone who may read the comments.)

    The "Stuff You Should Know" podcast is interesting. I've only heard a few but enjoyed the ones I have.

    Love M's morning call. Every single morning Blaire says "Mommy, the sun is out. It's time to wake up." She starts off whispering it but if we don't get in there fast enough, she gets louder and louder. Cracks me up.

  2. Her morning wake up call to you is adorable! This is such a fun age!

  3. Really want to watch The Affair. Really pissed I drank too much wine and fell asleep during the Imitation Game. Must try this ThredUp.

    Podcasts I like: Criminal, How Did This Get Made, and Here Be Monsters.

    L is a massive yogurt eater (we have to limit her to two a day)...every night as she gets in bed, she tells us "tomorrow when I get up, I'm gonna eat a yogurt!" And then she tells us which color. It's hysterical.

  4. Oh I gotta try TreadUp! I have several things i was going to donate as well. Loved Into the Woods as well!