Friday, February 13, 2015

Five on Friday

Been awhile since I linked up! Happy Friday friends!

1. On Tuesday night of this past week, J had a meeting, so M and I were on our own for dinner and I didn't feel like cooking for the two of us. We headed to the mall because I wanted Chipotle and I knew she'd want Chick-Fil-A....everyone wins at the food court! It also helps that we live closer to the mall than we do to a CFA or a Chipotle. After her dinner we went by the new American Girl store, and well....she was mesmerized. It was also empty since it was a Tuesday night at 6:30pm...perfect time to go and let her play. I thought I was going to drag her out kicking and screaming, but after half an hour and a few warnings, she was happy to leave with a "doll book" (....a catalog...) to take and read in the car on her way home. It was a fun little date night for us!

2. We finished Game of Thrones this past fall, and I am still thinking about it. All the time. I know, it's just a tv show. But people...I'm obsessed. I don't think I've been this "into" a fantasy world since my Harry Potter days. I have been seeing the trailer for season 5, and it certainly doesn't disappoint.

3. Speaking of Harry Potter...this popped up on my FB this week, and well, it kinda made me want to go back a reread the series. I'm sure all you HP fans will enjoy.

4. We have been doing the Experiencing God study at my church this winter. On Sundays our pastor has been preaching on this book (so worth a listen!), and then we've been breaking the book down and studying it and talking it out with our small groups. I recently switched Wednesday morning Bible Study groups, and I can't say enough good things about this study, the new group of women I have been spending my Wednesday mornings with, and what I have learned. I won't lie, when I started the workbook, I kind of hated it, but it has been really growing on me. I have learned so much in the past two months. We're about half way through and I'm excited to see what all I take from the next half of this. Anyone else ever done this study?

5. Anyone else a big fan of these vinyl resuable sticker books from Melissa and Doug? We're obsessed! We have this one with different animal habitats and another one of girls that your dress up. M loves them and will happily do these stickers for long chunks of time. I'm a big fan of anything that keeps her entertained on her down for more than ten minutes! 


  1. GoT is so amazing. I haven't seen a trailer yet for season 5 (and can't watch the one you have above right now because I'm 'multi-tasking' while on a conference call), but I'm super excited. I read the first book and plan to read the rest of them eventually. And don't get me started on Harry Potter - I have read the whole series twice and every book (except 7 which I've only read twice) at least 3 times. And the first three I've probably read 5 times easily. I am kind of obsessed with Sons of Anarchy even though it ended. It is still on my mind all these months later. And that show is so unlike what I normally like because it was SOOOOO depressing. Good but hard to watch.

  2. oh my goodness, Elyse loves those sticker books! we have the mermaids one and the fairies one and she's obsessed!