Monday, February 2, 2015

Odds and ends from last week....

Last week, life looked a little bit like....

This gorgeous sunset. J and M went to take our trash barrels to the curb and we saw this outside waiting to greet us.

Pigtails for Miss M and a care package from her Gigi that included some teddy grahams... 

A hike in the mountains for J and Rosie

Pulled some chicken with my "bear claws" (which I LOVE btw...I never want to shred meat another way) to make these amazing Creamy Chicken Taquitos (Ernie sticker courtesy of M)

A little toddler and dog bonding. M is really into Layla these days. Let me rephrase that, she's really into bossing Layla around these days. Layla, as you can see, pretty much ignores the demanding toddler. 

These YUMMY greens beans with a bacon vinaigrette. Make them for a side for your next meal. You won't be disappointed.

Crafts with some friends last Friday. We had some buddies over to our place to make some hearts out of torn up tissue paper for Valentine's Day. We made ours on wax paper and they now hang proudly on our back door. M actually really, really liked this activity, so now Im looking for some more fun and simple toddler crafts for her. 


  1. That sunset! Wow! Those hearts are so cute. We are in an apartment now and all my decorations are in storage (house will be finished in April!!!), so it's been pretty depressing around here for the holidays. That would be something I bet both my kiddos would enjoy and would liven up this place a little. M is precious as always!

  2. Nate got those claws in his stocking this year but hasn't used them yet. The tips are so sharp!!

  3. I immediately put those bear paws into my amazon cart. They look so handy!