Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

This past weekend was a fun one. It was gorgeous outside and we had no plans whatsoever! Is there anything better? Saturday morning we got up quite early for our home, so we figured let's go to breakfast since we knew there wouldn't be a wait! We went to The Flying Biscuit, and as always, it was a crowd pleaser. I got a southern style eggs benedict which is basically eggs benedict with pimento cheese and bacon. It was fabulous!

After breakfast, J and M went to Lowe's and by the fish market to get a salmon to smoke for Sunday, and they dropped me off at home to prep Saturday's dinner in the crock pot. When they returned we headed to the playground and played and played till lunch time. We ran into some friends there which made it even more fun!

We enjoyed our slow cooker dinner on Saturday night! I posted this picture and meal on instagram, but it's worth sharing here too so you can have the link o the recipe. This Slow Cooker Green Chile Shredded Beef and Cabbage Bowl with Avocado Salsa was faaaaaantastic! And really easy too! 

Saturday night after M went to bed I got caught up on my 2015 Project Life pages. I need to take some pictures and update my progress on here!

Sunday we all slept in, went to church and had lunch at Five Guys, and then more outside time. I know we'll probably get another cold snap before spring, but I have loved these nice days! M picked out her play clothes after church....can you tell?

For Sunday dinner, we had an awesome smoked salmon courtesy of J, with sweet potatoes and my favorite bean salad from Natalie's blog. I love this salad so much....mostly because I love pancetta! It makes a great side! And I got a mandolin slicer from my mom for Christmas, so now I'm always looking for recipes that let me use it. Slicing the radicchio and onions were a breeze!

It was a slow weekend, but it was filled with good food, sunshine, and my favorite people!

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  1. Now it's cold again here, and I am so bummed. Children belong outside! Ha! And so do I!

    Dinners both look delicious!!