Tuesday, March 31, 2015

M's Thoughts and Sayings.... {29 months}

This post is more for me and my memory since I know I'll forget some of these sweet things as she gets older, so feel free to skip this post, but the things this one says cracks us up on a regular basis, and also astounds me. I quite often look at her and wonder how such a little person can know so much in such a short time. Also, her memory is insane. She's always bringing up things we did MONTHS ago that both J and I had forgotten about. At almost two and a half, we love this little girl and the personality we see shining through more and more each day.

All small birds we see are pigeons. Doesn't matter if they're robins or wrens, or cardinals....she calls them pigeons.

Ending all verb from the past in "ded" even when it's not grammatically correct...run-ded, flew-ded, swim-ded, you get the idea.

One night while J was out at a neighborhood meeting: "Mom, I wish Daddy was here for our dance party. I really really wish he was here"
On that same night: "Mom, we're gonna have a girls night. Just you and me"

We're in a big "mine" phase right now (side note....how do I make this stop?!). But what I love is that she says "mines" with an s on the end.

We took her to TCBY a few weeks ago and it's in the same shopping center as our grocery store. When we pulled in, she said, "Oh no, this is the grocery store! Where is the ice cream? It must be hiding. ICE CREAM WHERE ARE YOU?!"

Last month, her favorite nursery worker at church was gone on a mission trip to Haiti. Now when we see Miss K on Sundays, M always says "Oh you're back from your trip!" which cracks us up because she's been back for weeks.

She has become quite the bossypants with the pups. Like...really bossy. Sometimes it's obnoxious, "NO ROSIE! YOU CAN'T BE IN MY ROOM!" but it's also kind of hilarious when she stands in her learning tower and bosses them around as she helps me cook. She's also the only kid in the world who doesn't want to feed them from the table. In fact, she's the opposite and flips if any of her food falls and they eat it. Layla actually lost 2 pounds since her last trip to the vet and I honestly think it's because M has become so crazy about not sharing anything with the dogs.

Making up her own words to songs. I love it.

Loves her nightly dance party. It consists of the same three songs in the same order each night, Happy, Shake it Off, and Brave. On "special nights" she gets to do Uptown Funk too. She has taken to telling us at about 5pm most evenings, "I think it's a good night for a special night!"

She loves to take little items to nap or bedtime with her, usually a princess of Daniel Tiger figurine, sometimes DVD cases (?). She occasionally tries to bring larger things (magna doodle or her computer keyboard she "types" on) and I tell her no it's too big, only little things, and one day she picked her kazoo and said, "Look Mom! This is a little thing!"...nice try kiddo. 

Her lovie now has his own seat in our dining room when we eat. In her mind he is 100% a family member.

She is so much fun right now! I wish I could bottle this age up!


  1. My son is almost the exact same age and I agree, I want to bottle it all up! It's so fun to remember them at this age and the cute things they say and do!

  2. I loved reading this, Rachel! It gives me so much to look forward to! I was just telling my co-worker (yesterday) about I'm enjoying Mary Mac right now. She'll be 10 months on the 10th and I feel like each day with her is better than the last. Of course you love your child in all stages of life but to be honest with you, those newborn and early infant days were not my favorite. I'm sure the fact that she's finally started to sleep through the night (at 8+ months!) has got a little something to do with it:) Enjoy this spring with your cutie pie!

  3. It's so fun! What a cutie. Dell Harper is starting to lose all of her funny patterns of speech (like "dis" is becoming 'this"), and I am a bit bummed! Try the book the "Mine-asaur" for the mines, and also, just be patient (I know, boo!).

  4. I always love when you talk about Maggie and where she's at because I usually think 'hmmm...Drew isn't doing that yet' and then 2 months later, she will be! It's amazing how much can change in a short period of time. And I actually started a post last night to talk about all the sassy things Ms. Drew is doing these days! She seems like such a sassy girl too and I love reading about her!

  5. so precious! and you will be so glad you did this...I have failed miserably at writing down some of the Elyse-isms and I hate it! I have a drafted post right now that is a list of the funny stuff she's said recently!

  6. This is so funny! It could be written all about Isaac and so much of it would be exactly the same! Especially the bossy part.... whooooooo!

  7. Oh my gosh, I love this!!! She is too funny!!!!

  8. I love this! So adorable and it's going to be so fun to look back and read. So cute!