Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Toddler Girl Easter Basket

Can y'all believe Easter is so soon? Just two weeks away.....I feel like it kind of snuck up on me this year!  Didn't we just have Valentine's Day? Heck...wasn't it just Christmas??

Since M has a fall birthday followed two months later by Christmas, Easter is a nice chance to sneak in some fun treats for spring and summer. This year her Easter basket is going to include the following....

1. Kid's Folding Camp Chair - This was an item I have been wanting to get her for awhile, and Easter is a good time to gift it. We do a lot of fun things outside in the spring and summer (cookouts, food truck Friday, Riverjam at the Whitewater Center) and I think she'd like to have her own chair at these events, and she won't be stealing mine anymore! I found this cute Melissa and Doug one on Amazon and think it may be what we'll get unless I can find a cheap one in a store.

2. Crayola Sidewalk Chalk - Her stash from last spring and summer is looking pretty rough and almost gone so we're gonna get a re-up from the Easter bunny! (Also...only $3.99 on Amazon right now for this 48 count!)

3. Frozen Swim Cover Up - Like the chair, this is something I knew we'd be getting for summer anyway, so why not put it in the Easter basket? I found this cover up at the Disney store in NYC last month, and stepped aside to buy it without her noticing. I think Anna and Elsa will be a big hit each time we get dressed for the pool!

4. 101 Dalmations Blu-Ray - She still loves her daily Daniel Tiger, but she's also old enough now to sit still for a full movie, and boy oh boy does she love her movies. Loves them to the point where she requests to sleep with the cases. We're slowly adding to her movie collection, and this one just came back out of the (very annoying) Disney vault, so I think we'll pick it up to add to her pile. 

5. Jellybeans - Because we all love to celebrate a holiday with sugar! She'll probably also get some eggs filled with goldfish and raisins too. I'm all about balance!

What's going in the Easter baskets in your home this year??

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  1. That's an awesome deal on sidewalk chalk.... which we sure use a lot of! Isaac may get that for easter too. We are also all about the movies these days and have done a family movie night a few times (complete with popcorn!) and Isaac LOVES it. He asks for movie & popcorn every day now. :)

    1. Oh my gosh, the popcorn! We did popcorn when she watched Rudolph back at Christmas and she is still talking about it!

  2. I'm doing similar things. A new swimsuit for both kids, a new pair flip flops, a board game each, and probably bubbles. Nothing too fancy. I have a drawer that I put things in that I pick up throughout the year. I just raid that when there's a holiday ;)

  3. great ideas! we did swimsuits for both of the girls, a new sunhat for Nora, and new flip flops for Elyse. We also added bubbles, glittery sidewalk chalk, and a few fun eggs to Elyse's basket.

  4. Hey this is super cute and by the way, thanks so much for having me in your favorites!! I've been getting like daily clicks from your page and I appreciate it. :)