Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Baby Boy Update!

A few baby boy updates....bullet style! I figured I'd share some of the details about our newest addition! There's also so many details I want to document here so I don't forget!

  • Due date is October 15, but I'll be having a planned c-section this time so he'll probably come a little sooner! I'm 19+ weeks now.
  • I've known since February 2, which made me 3 weeks and 4 days! I woke up that morning feeling sick with a cold and wanted to take some cold medicine, but I also knew there was the chance I could be pregnant, so I thought I should take a test before indulging in mucinex and sudafed, even though it was still kind of early to test. Sure enough, there was a faint line. It was barely there, but it was also definitely there! Needless to say, no cold meds but we were overjoyed with our news!
  • M's birthday is October 25, so they'll be almost exactly 3 years apart! 
  • When we traveled to NYC in February I was 6 weeks along. Traveling alone by plane to a place that is 0 degrees with a toddler while newly pregnant and nauseous is....interesting!
  • I have, overall, felt okay. My first trimester, I was queasy and nauseous some, which was different from my pregnancy with M. I was never sick (thankfully), but I also had a lot of just gross days where nothing sounded appetizing or I'd make something for dinner that sounded good and then I'd sit down and feel sick looking at it. Glad that passed after the end of the first trimester. I was also MUCH more tired this time. I taught and worked for 10+ hours a day during my first trimester with M and don't remember feeling sleepy, but this time there were a LOT of naps and I just felt so worn out most afternoons. Now that I'm in the second trimester, I feel overall good. I had a lot of headaches from 12-15 weeks, but those have gotten better and I've found a Coke usually takes care of it if I get one. I've had a pinched nerve in my lower back when I lay down at an angle and some round ligament pain since 12 weeks, but it's not awful. Just uncomfortable.
  • NO RIB PAIN! In my last pregnancy, I complained all the time about upper back and shoulder and rib pain. It was so terrible and began in my second trimester and lasted till delivery. So far, I have had none. I hope I haven't jinxed myself by posting that on the internet!
  • M is thrilled. She found out at 9 weeks when she came with us to our first ultrasound, but to be honest, she did not care at ALL there because she just wanted to play with the desk phone in the room. She was really REALLY convinced the baby would be a girl and we'd call her Elsa, but she's happily accepted the fact that she's getting a brother and is okay with calling him Kristoff. She likes to talk to him and about him and asks me all the time if he's moving and laughing in my tummy. She's also wondering what kind of clothes he's wearing right now. Her little mind trying to figure this all out is pretty funny. She also likes to talk about meeting him at the hospital and rocking him in a chair there. 
  • Like everyone tells you, you show so much earlier after you've been pregnant once. By 10-11 weeks, I felt like I was so obviously pregnant. If you go through my instagram feed, there's a a lot of strategic shots from the last few months of M covering my belly before we shared the news.
  • Funniest craving: scallops and fried chicken. Together. Most common craving: Sopa De Lima from our favorite Mexican place.
  • I have an anterior placenta this time which I've known about since 12 weeks, and I was worried I'd feel him less, but I definitely feel him moving in there. I felt this baby and M move for the first time around 17 weeks. Her movements were much "jabbier", even this early, his are more fluid. I'm guessing that's related to the placenta location.
  • Just a side note, but worth putting in here in case someone else has this...at my first ultrasound at 9 weeks, they found I had a subchorionic hematoma. Mine was very small (1.4 cm) and I never had any bleeding, so my OB told me not to worry or change my lifestyle unless I had some bleeding. Obviously, I still panicked and googled it and made myself more worried (bad idea), but by my 12 week ultrasound it was gone.
  • No name for him yet! We've tossed around a few, but nothing has been decided. Like last time, we'll wait till the birth to announce a name!
I don't think I'll do weekly updates this go round, but I will pop in from time to time with some updates! I love going back and reading my updates from my pregnancy with M, so I want to make sure I have some recorded!


  1. Due date twins! It's out first (baby boy, too!)! Looking forward to hearing your updates - can you believe we are half way there??

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  3. M is so funny! I'm glad you don't have that rib pain this time! And oh my goodness I can't imagine that trip to NYC...at least it was cold out and not hot?!!

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