Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A few favorites...

A few new favorites...

Grace & Frankie

Anyone else watch this on Netflix yet? My friend Tyler told me to watch it, and it has been a fun watch in the afternoon while M naps and I tidy up our living room and do laundry (I can't fold laundry without a TV show). 

Hillsong United's Touch the Sky

We sang this one in church last Sunday and I came home and downloaded almost immediately. It's been on repeat for the last week.

Tender Love & Cloth 

My friend and fellow mom, Anni, who lives here in Charlotte just opened up a new monogramming and sewing shop. Her work is fabulous! Follow her FB page or her instagram!

Old Navy Maternity Roll Over Linen-Blend Shorts

Pregnant friends - GO GET THESE! These are my favorite maternity shorts that I've found. They're so light and comfy, and for $20, you can afford to get them in every color (like I did). I wear these almost every day of the week!

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