Saturday, June 6, 2015

Showers, Greek Food, and Goats

Last weekend, we went to Richmond from Friday afternoon to Sunday evening for our very good friends' baby shower. We also got to spend time with my parents and J's parents while we there. 

On Saturday morning, we ventured out to Maymont and then to the Richmond Greek Festival. It was HOT, but still a lot of fun! I feel like my last pregnancy, even though it was also in the summer, I didn't get this hot. Maybe it is because I'm outside chasing a toddler more this time? Also, this is a fun comparison post...this was M at Maymont with me last June (she was 19 months in those pictures, and 2.5 now)!

My parents with their very spoiled granddaughter. She has them wrapped around her little fingers.

She had the best time feeding the "doats!"

Greek Fest....and let's be toddler didn't care for much of the food. She ate a little big of chicken, but mostly enjoyed the strawberry greek yogurt popsicles!

Saturday night we had a little cookout with my parents and J's mom and dad. Afterwards my dad built a fire in his fire pit and we made s'mores. This was M's first s'mores experience, but she was a fan for life!

Sunday morning, we were pretty lazy, but M begged to put on her swimsuit and play in the little pool on the deck. We gave her a big bowl of soapy suds and she cleaned all the dinosaurs for us!

And finally...the baby shower! We can't wait for our sweet friends to welcome their baby boy in August! They are some of our best friends, and it's really exciting to know we'll have two little boys right around the same age! We cannot wait for their little guy to get here!


  1. Greek food is some of my favorite - Maggie doesn't know what she's missing!

  2. I love seeing food from Greek Fest! It looks the same at any Greek Festival lol.

  3. Well if cleaning the dinosaurs doesn't sound like a euphemism for something hilarious I don't know what does. M's curls SLAY ME!!! I'm loving the humidity on her hair!