Monday, July 27, 2015

VTG CLT, Parties, and 7 years

We had a busy and fun couple of days here in Charlotte this past weekend. It's still so super hot here, and pregnant Rachel is definitely struggling, but I'm still trying to get out and have fun. Just trying to avoid time in the heat when I can and drink a ton of water. But the Braxton Hicks contractions are no joke this go round. Taking it easy is much easier said than done.

Saturday morning, after a donut run to by M & J (to MJ's none the less!), we headed over to North Tryon for the Vintage Charlotte, or VTG CLT as they call it, pop up market. I had seen this shared on my instagram feed in the past for other markets, and I had been wanting to check it out, but they always fell on busy weekends for us. We finally made it this year and it was a lot of fun wandering down the aisles and checking out the neat things that each booth had. 

I loved all of the handmade paper goods! This shop was Hennel Paper Co.

We left with this neat world map to hang in the baby's room. I'd be toying with the idea of doing his room with lots of pops of bright primary colors and this map kind of solidified that idea for me! I came home from the market and finally placed an order for the bedding I had been thinking about using for his room.

After the market and some lunch, M got a nap, and then we headed up the street for the birthday party of one of our special friends that afternoon. M had a ball in the bounce house they had set up out back, and I had fun catching up with the other mamas! I love this picture of all of us. We all became friends when our now 2.5/3 year olds were bitty babies, and now we all have two or a second on the way. So thankful for all these moms!

On Sunday, after church, M got really determined to have a braid in her hair. No idea why this was such a big deal to her, but she really wanted a braid in her hair. We've been talking a lot about how she needs to eat lots of veggies and fruit if she wants her hair to grow long (like Anna and Elsa's...duh), so maybe that's why. Either why, poor kiddo does not have long hair, just thick and curly! I really tried though! After spraying her whole head down with water, this was as good as we got....bless it! It honestly looked like a 90's boy rat tail. One day she'll have an Elsa braid! That day is not now though.

Our seven year anniversary was Sunday as well, so we celebrated Sunday evening with dinner at The Fig Tree (so yummy!) and dessert and a coffee at Soul. It was a fun, low key evening out celebrating with this wonderful man. I am so thankful for him and where the last 7 years have taken us! Also...I want to brag for a minute on the beautiful Kendra Scott earrings he got for me for our anniversary. He got me the gold and white pearl ones and I love them. I'm wearing them in the picture below. Nice work, J!

( maternity dress is Pea in the Pod, but I got it for a steal from thred up! If you haven't used them yet, check them out! I've consigned three bags with them and purchased a few items and I've only been pleased!)

Friday, July 17, 2015

Five on Friday

Happy Friday! Linking up with April today!

1. Y' belly is so big already. And I'm just 27 weeks. This means I still have about 12 weeks to go if we do my c-section at 39 weeks which is pretty much the plan (hoping to schedule it at my next appointment!). My belly literally aches at the end of most days, so in a desperate attempt to help my poor belly, I bought a maternity support band from Belevation. I've had it a week now, and I actually think it's helping. I still am achey, but I am finding that on the days I wear it from the time I wake up till I go to bed, I really do feel better.

(Trying to squeeze into my size small volunteer t-shirt for church last weekend)

2. I instagrammed about these waters a few weeks ago. The cucumber and mint is my favorite, but this one (Tropical Cherry) is pretty awesome as well! I really prefer these Target brand waters to La Croix.

3. Anyone else have a child who HATES a hot car? M totally flips out when she gets in the car and her car seat is hot, and I don't have ceiling vents, so her rear facing seat takes awhile to cool down. I found this car seat shade at Buy Buy Baby and it has helped reduce her whines drastically since we got it three weeks ago. And for $7.99, I call that a BIG win!! (same price on Amazon!!) Any other tips for a kid who hates the heat and it's constantly 95-100 out?

4. Just a random picture, but my friend Sarah hosted us at her sweet little one's first birthday party a few weeks ago and the photographer took this family shot of us. I love it!! Thank you Sarah!

5. And finally, I'm kind of embarrassed to post this...but this is baby brother's room...

It's our spare room upstairs where stuff just sort of goes and has had no real purpose since we bought the house three years ago. It's a total mess. We put a huge dent in cleaning it out last weekend, but we still have a ways to go before it's a real room for our little guy. We have the big items for his room (crib, glider, changing table), but I have no idea what we're going to do decor wise. I need to get this room totally cleaned out and then make a choice. Decorating is so not my strong suit.


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Summer Holiday Recap

Father's Day was only 3 weeks ago, and Independence Day was what....11 days ago? I know it's been awhile, but I'm going to share about our holidays anyway!

For Father's Day, M and I did our annual "DAD" picture for J. I can't believe this is our third year of this! He has them hanging by his desk in his office. Even crazier to think we'll have another little one to help hold the letters next year!

The Saturday before Father's Day, we went to the US Whitewater Center for a some live music and just fun. M had a ball watching the kayakers and rafters. It was HOT but still a fun night. We stayed out way past her bedtime, but sometimes that's so worth it.

For our actual Father's Day, M and I got up and made J breakfast in bed. There's an episode of Daniel Tiger where a little girl makes her dad breakfast in bed, and she's been wanting to do this, so it seemed like the natural thing to do for Father's Day! It wasn't fancy, but it was fun and I think it's something we may have to do annually now.

We gave J some presents and played at home, and then had lunch at Olde Mecklenburg Brewery. They have some great German food (and soft pretzels!), so even though I couldn't enjoy a beer, it was still a worthwhile brewery visit for all!

That night, we grilled outside for dinner, and then headed to a local ice cream shop for dessert. It was the perfect end to a fun weekend! 

Now onto Fourth of July!!

We headed out Thursday morning for a weekend in the mountains of Virginia with our good friends. We go to their cabin every year, but this year we went earlier in the summer than usual since they're having a baby in August!

After a long drive, we made it there and had an awesome dinner of country ham and butter beans. I love the food our friends serve each year! M and their dog Shuffle became fast BFF's!

We had horrible weather on Friday. It was pretty cold all day but also rainy and just damp. When we woke up to sun on Saturday it was very welcomed by all of us! We spent a lot of time out by the river that day.

After we all got some rest and grilled some hamburgers and hotdogs, we headed into town (Lexington, VA) to go see the fireworks show at VMI. It was a beautiful evening and not too hot. Something I can't remember saying about other fourth of July celebrations in recent years!

M was PUMPED for her first ever fireworks show. We had talked about it all week leading up to the big day, and it was definitely a big hit for her! She wasn't afraid of the "BOOMS!" and genuinely seemed in awe of them. It was another late night, but again, so worth it!

We got back to our cabin and tucked M in bed, and then spent the night by the campfire making s'mores. It was one of the best fourths I can recall! 

Thursday, July 9, 2015

32 Months

A few little snippets about what this little munchkin is up to these days....

Summer has been busy! Between library story times, an art camp once a week, and swim lessons twice a week in June, we've been busy! I'm enjoying it with her though because I know it will be very different next summer when we have baby brother with us.

Up until recently, she was only a fan of Daniel Tiger, and she'd occasionally watch Sesame Street, but lately her new favorites are Dinosaur Train and Curious George. And of course Frozen is still a forever favorite!

We had a pretty terrible couple of weeks with her sleep back at the end of May. Like, waking up in the middle of the night and just wailing and screaming and refusing to lay down. She wasn't having bad dreams and she wasn't sick, and I was literally losing hours and hours of sleep over this (and so was she), which resulted in a pretty terrible couple of grumpy days. We took her to Target and she picked out some Frozen sheets for her crib that we told her "only big girls who sleep get to have" and it changed everything. Back to sleeping all night and napping. So weird. A friend told me she was probably going through something "big" developmentally, and sure enough about 2 weeks after this all went down, M started speaking in HUGE chunks at a time. She's always been very verbal, but suddenly, she was using these big words and saying things that were way beyond what she was saying before. 

And then....speaking of sleep! We moved her to a big girl bed on June 27! She has never tried to climb out of her crib, so I hated to move her, but I also don't want to buy a new crib for the baby. I also wanted her to have plenty of time to make the big girl bed transition before her brother arrives, so we did it now. So far so good! She's really proud of her new bed and has told everyone she sees all about it!

We've become a big Taylor Swift fan in the last few months. We've been listening to the 1989 album in my car for awhile (mostly Shake It Off), but now she knows the title of every song on the album. Her favorites are Welcome to New York, Out of the Woods, Shake It Off, and Bad Blood (or Bad "Wood" as she calls it...)

She loves playing with her pals, but on of my favorite relationships I've seen grow is one with our neighbor who is about 8 months older than her. We go down to his house a lot of afternoons after naps for a little play time before dinner and it's really fun to watch them talk and start to actually have conversations with one another that she'll retell us about later. Makes me really excited for her to go to school in September.

She doesn't say "Why?" which I know is a common question starting around this age...instead she says, "What would happen if?" For instance, I say, "M, please don't try to step on the dog" and her response is "But what would happen if I stepped on the dog?" It's equal parts obnoxious and kind of hilarious.

Talks about her birthday all the time. It's not till the end of October, but it's never too soon, right? 

And along those same lines...she already knows what she wants to be for Halloween (although I'm sure it'll change a dozen times)...a green cat...???

Still LOVES playing with little figurine toys. I love to watch her play with them and talk for them. A lot of the times when she's really engaged in her play, I hear her whispering or talking very quietly under her breath. It's adorable.

We have one "board game" that we bought her and she enjoys playing. I say board game loosely because the game doesn't really have a winner, but it's a good beginner game to understand rolling dice and taking turns. She really likes it, but we can only play once, because usually by round two she's throwing dice and has lost interest. 

Loves painting and "art" projects. Anything with glue, markers,'s right up her alley! She really loves the do-a-dot art paints and books. We play with these almost daily!

Still loves her lovey more than anything else and sleeps with her paci. Maybe one day we'll drop the paci. Still not feeling the urge to get rid of it, but hoping in the next 6 months we can phase it out. We'll see about that...