Thursday, July 9, 2015

32 Months

A few little snippets about what this little munchkin is up to these days....

Summer has been busy! Between library story times, an art camp once a week, and swim lessons twice a week in June, we've been busy! I'm enjoying it with her though because I know it will be very different next summer when we have baby brother with us.

Up until recently, she was only a fan of Daniel Tiger, and she'd occasionally watch Sesame Street, but lately her new favorites are Dinosaur Train and Curious George. And of course Frozen is still a forever favorite!

We had a pretty terrible couple of weeks with her sleep back at the end of May. Like, waking up in the middle of the night and just wailing and screaming and refusing to lay down. She wasn't having bad dreams and she wasn't sick, and I was literally losing hours and hours of sleep over this (and so was she), which resulted in a pretty terrible couple of grumpy days. We took her to Target and she picked out some Frozen sheets for her crib that we told her "only big girls who sleep get to have" and it changed everything. Back to sleeping all night and napping. So weird. A friend told me she was probably going through something "big" developmentally, and sure enough about 2 weeks after this all went down, M started speaking in HUGE chunks at a time. She's always been very verbal, but suddenly, she was using these big words and saying things that were way beyond what she was saying before. 

And then....speaking of sleep! We moved her to a big girl bed on June 27! She has never tried to climb out of her crib, so I hated to move her, but I also don't want to buy a new crib for the baby. I also wanted her to have plenty of time to make the big girl bed transition before her brother arrives, so we did it now. So far so good! She's really proud of her new bed and has told everyone she sees all about it!

We've become a big Taylor Swift fan in the last few months. We've been listening to the 1989 album in my car for awhile (mostly Shake It Off), but now she knows the title of every song on the album. Her favorites are Welcome to New York, Out of the Woods, Shake It Off, and Bad Blood (or Bad "Wood" as she calls it...)

She loves playing with her pals, but on of my favorite relationships I've seen grow is one with our neighbor who is about 8 months older than her. We go down to his house a lot of afternoons after naps for a little play time before dinner and it's really fun to watch them talk and start to actually have conversations with one another that she'll retell us about later. Makes me really excited for her to go to school in September.

She doesn't say "Why?" which I know is a common question starting around this age...instead she says, "What would happen if?" For instance, I say, "M, please don't try to step on the dog" and her response is "But what would happen if I stepped on the dog?" It's equal parts obnoxious and kind of hilarious.

Talks about her birthday all the time. It's not till the end of October, but it's never too soon, right? 

And along those same lines...she already knows what she wants to be for Halloween (although I'm sure it'll change a dozen times)...a green cat...???

Still LOVES playing with little figurine toys. I love to watch her play with them and talk for them. A lot of the times when she's really engaged in her play, I hear her whispering or talking very quietly under her breath. It's adorable.

We have one "board game" that we bought her and she enjoys playing. I say board game loosely because the game doesn't really have a winner, but it's a good beginner game to understand rolling dice and taking turns. She really likes it, but we can only play once, because usually by round two she's throwing dice and has lost interest. 

Loves painting and "art" projects. Anything with glue, markers,'s right up her alley! She really loves the do-a-dot art paints and books. We play with these almost daily!

Still loves her lovey more than anything else and sleeps with her paci. Maybe one day we'll drop the paci. Still not feeling the urge to get rid of it, but hoping in the next 6 months we can phase it out. We'll see about that...


  1. It's so fun to read what Miss M is up to because it will always seem like she's so far ahead of Drew and then bam, 2 months later, Drew is there. It's amazing what a couple of months can do with their development! I was just thinking too I needed to do an update about how much D has changed in the last few months. So many changes - she's finally fully potty trained and big brother is losing teeth left and right!

  2. My son is just a few weeks younger, so it's fun to read what other kids his age are up to! Sleep phases can be tough! While we co-sleep, he's never fought bed time as long as I was with him. But just recently he gets upset and cries to go down and play. It's very frustrating but I just hope it passes soon. Maybe he will have that verbal jump too when it's all over!

  3. I feel ya about the Paci! I don't think Chloe, or any of us, would get any sleep without it!!!

  4. so precious! love to see what other little girls are up to! Elyse LOVES anything small & tiny...which makes life very interesting with a 7 month old in the house. I just love to hear how their vocabulary blossoms with each changing milestone. Even now Elyse is starting to use even bigger words and we have NO idea what she's saying.