Monday, July 27, 2015

VTG CLT, Parties, and 7 years

We had a busy and fun couple of days here in Charlotte this past weekend. It's still so super hot here, and pregnant Rachel is definitely struggling, but I'm still trying to get out and have fun. Just trying to avoid time in the heat when I can and drink a ton of water. But the Braxton Hicks contractions are no joke this go round. Taking it easy is much easier said than done.

Saturday morning, after a donut run to by M & J (to MJ's none the less!), we headed over to North Tryon for the Vintage Charlotte, or VTG CLT as they call it, pop up market. I had seen this shared on my instagram feed in the past for other markets, and I had been wanting to check it out, but they always fell on busy weekends for us. We finally made it this year and it was a lot of fun wandering down the aisles and checking out the neat things that each booth had. 

I loved all of the handmade paper goods! This shop was Hennel Paper Co.

We left with this neat world map to hang in the baby's room. I'd be toying with the idea of doing his room with lots of pops of bright primary colors and this map kind of solidified that idea for me! I came home from the market and finally placed an order for the bedding I had been thinking about using for his room.

After the market and some lunch, M got a nap, and then we headed up the street for the birthday party of one of our special friends that afternoon. M had a ball in the bounce house they had set up out back, and I had fun catching up with the other mamas! I love this picture of all of us. We all became friends when our now 2.5/3 year olds were bitty babies, and now we all have two or a second on the way. So thankful for all these moms!

On Sunday, after church, M got really determined to have a braid in her hair. No idea why this was such a big deal to her, but she really wanted a braid in her hair. We've been talking a lot about how she needs to eat lots of veggies and fruit if she wants her hair to grow long (like Anna and Elsa's...duh), so maybe that's why. Either why, poor kiddo does not have long hair, just thick and curly! I really tried though! After spraying her whole head down with water, this was as good as we got....bless it! It honestly looked like a 90's boy rat tail. One day she'll have an Elsa braid! That day is not now though.

Our seven year anniversary was Sunday as well, so we celebrated Sunday evening with dinner at The Fig Tree (so yummy!) and dessert and a coffee at Soul. It was a fun, low key evening out celebrating with this wonderful man. I am so thankful for him and where the last 7 years have taken us! Also...I want to brag for a minute on the beautiful Kendra Scott earrings he got for me for our anniversary. He got me the gold and white pearl ones and I love them. I'm wearing them in the picture below. Nice work, J!

( maternity dress is Pea in the Pod, but I got it for a steal from thred up! If you haven't used them yet, check them out! I've consigned three bags with them and purchased a few items and I've only been pleased!)


  1. What a sweet post! Can't wait to hear about Baby Boy's bedding & room! I love M's hair. I can't believe you got it that long! You guys look great for your dinner too!

  2. The braid cracks me up! You look great lady and Maggie is still the sweetest looking child I've ever seen. Wishing you well during these "dog days" of summer. Hang in there!

  3. And PS. I'm just checking out Thred Up for the first time. Whoa. Game changer. (Thanks in advance!)

  4. I saw the VTG CLT on instagram and was so confused, so glad you cleared that up for me, ha! Happy anniversary - love your earrings! My bday is next week, so I plan to hit up the Kendra store to get a necklace 50% off!!!

  5. This is going to sound weird, but I'm doing a book challenge, and I have 1 book left to read - a book with an animal on the cover - so I was looking at your 'books' tag to see if anything popped out at me (having a hard time finding one I want to read) and saw that a few years back you read Lonesome Dove. THAT IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE BOOKS OF ALL TIME!!!! So I have to ask - have you watched the mini-series or read any of the other books Larry McMurtry wrote in the series? The mini-series is beyond amazing - if you like Gus now, just see Robert Duvall as Gus - you will LOVE him. And Comanche Moon (the last book Larry wrote in the series but chronologically the story right before Lonesome Dove) is my favorite of the 4 books. :)