Saturday, August 29, 2015

Around the web this week...

A few little snippets of things I have seen posted this week that I really love...

THIS article has some fascinating info on baby names. If you like charts and graphs and visual data, it's even more interesting. And no, our baby boy still doesn't have a name! But it helped give me some guidance on names I may not want to use!

How Schools Are Handling an 'Overparenting' Crisis: This piece from NPR is on point. As a parent and an educator, I think it's a must read for anyone with a child.

"Watch what happens when you go to a teacher and say, "I'd like to give my child some increased autonomy this year, so I won't be meddling in his homework and I'd like for you to hold him accountable for the consequences of his mistakes." You will have an admirer for life."

THAT TIME WHEN Natalie Maines performed on stage with Taylor Swift and it was pretty much the greatest musical return since...well, ever. Come back and make more great music Natalie (and the other Dixie Chicks!).

A friend shared THIS piece on breast milk and breast feeding this week and it's some really amazing information on the complexities of breast milk and how mind-blowing the characteristics of it really are. I love this quote, 

"Like a glass of red wine, breast milk has a straightforward color and appearance, but it possesses subtleties in flavor that reflect its terroir—the mother's body. And it turns out that like any great dish of food, mother's milk holds a variety of aromas, flavors, and textures...I love the idea that even before her first encounter with solid food, her taste buds had already begun telling her that she is part of a city filled with the cuisines of many nations, a household that supports local farmers, and a Filipino family with an abiding love of pork and fermented shrimp paste."

Happy Weekend!

Monday, August 24, 2015

What's new....

We've been back from our vacation at the lake for two weeks now, but I still haven't sat down to blog about it. Here's one of my favorite pictures from our vacation of our silly girl. Hopefully this week I'll make some time to share some more about our wonderful time in Westport.

In the meantime, here's what's new around here....

GARAGE! It's actually happening and we have a full foundation done. If all goes as planned, they'll fill it this week and then hopefully they can move on to the foundation. Months and months of waiting are becoming a reality! I'm just excited to get bicycles out of our house (mainly, the guest room).

FRIENDS! We got to see one of my best friends from college and her husband and their little girl this past weekend as they were traveling through Charlotte. It was SO good to see her and catch up. It had been so long since our last visit, and I hope it's not that long before we get to see them again!

SCHOOL! M starts preschool two days a week in just a few weeks. She and I are both excited for this big change. We've been talking it up for months, so hopefully the new experience will go smoothly. I know she's ready and I think she'll really flourish. It'll also be a great thing for her to have once the baby arrives. We all will need some consistency in our lives once a baby gets thrown into the mix!

TV! I know I'm about 10 years late, but we just finished season 4 of The Wire, and well, it broke my heart. J watched the show years ago, and I started rewatching it with him a few months ago. Season 4 was rough. But so good. I spent my first year of teaching in an inner city classroom, and while I only did it a year, I saw so similarities between my students and the ones on the show. I am amazed at what a great job the show did at portraying the realities of schools/inner city students. Also TV related, we finally caught up on True Detective Season 2, and well...that was awful. I am kind of angry I wasted 8 hours of my life on that program.

CLOTHES! I finally decided to tackle the boxes and boxes of M's clothes that have been piling up in our attic as she has outgrown them. I've sold a lot on a local facebook page, but I started an instagram page as well if anyone is interested (mostly newborn-2T). Next week we have a local consignment sale that I've been prepping for as well. I seriously feel like I'm drowning in baby girl clothes.

BABY! His room is getting painted this week thanks to my dad who is coming down to visit with my mom for a few days. Hopefully once that gets done we'll be able to start setting up his nursery. I can't believe my due date is less than 8 weeks away now. On the one hand that feels so far away but also SO close.

MOVIES! I took M to see Inside Out last week. I loved it (as I do with most Pixar movies), and she really enjoyed it too! I don't think she actually "got" the movie, but she happily sat there and watched the whole film an came home and told J all about it. It was a fun morning with my girl. Trying to enjoy all of our moments as just the two of us as I know those days are numbered. 

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Baby Brother 30-31 Weeks

Photo taken at 30 weeks on vacation last week

How Far Along: 31 weeks today

Size of Baby:  Over 16 inches and 3+ pounds!

Total Weight Gain: A lot....

Gender: BOY!

Movement: Yes. All the time and ALL over. Some moments he feels like he's in my ribs, and the next moment it feels like he's about to fall out. Definitely lower kicks and movements then I remember feeling with M at this point. i don't remember feeling her this low until the end. Movements have also started to feel painful. And hiccups! Lots of hiccups. 

Sleep: Depends on the night. It's uncomfortable, but some nights I manage to sleep really well, but then other night's (like last night), I toss and turn for hours. I bought a wedge pillow to go under my belly and that has helped, but my hips and shoulders are so achey in the morning from side sleeping. 

Symptoms: Instead of symptoms, this should say, "What Hurts?" and my response would be, everything. Ribs are so achey and the pain extends around to my back (right side only). I had identical pain with M. I started seeing a chiropractor two weeks ago, and he told me I do have a dislocated rib so we're working on it. I was dealing with some terrible hip and pelvic pain a few weeks ago where I could barely walk or lift my legs to get dressed in the morning, but the chiro has already helped immensely with that. I am so glad I started seeing him. Other weird symptoms....heart burn/reflux, nose bleeds...all glamorous things! Oh and Braxton Hicks contractions. At least a few a day. 

Cravings: Everything but nothing at the same time. I'm hungry all the time but try to eat very little at meals due to the heartburn.

What I miss: Being able to move quickly. It's hard to parent M sometimes because I literally can't keep up with her. I also feel like there are toys everywhere because I so rarely want to bend down and pick them up at the end of the day. Please tell me I'm not the only one....

Comparisons to First Pregnancy: Still feeling bigger than last time. A lot of my aches and pains are things I didn't experience until the end with M. But the rib pain is just like what I experienced last go round.

Weekly Highlight: A wonderful and successful last family vacation as a family of 3! We had such a wonderful time in NY! Also, nursery bedding arrived while we were gone!

What I'm looking forward to: Getting the nursery put together! Hopefully we'll really get the ball rolling here in the next few weeks!