Saturday, August 29, 2015

Around the web this week...

A few little snippets of things I have seen posted this week that I really love...

THIS article has some fascinating info on baby names. If you like charts and graphs and visual data, it's even more interesting. And no, our baby boy still doesn't have a name! But it helped give me some guidance on names I may not want to use!

How Schools Are Handling an 'Overparenting' Crisis: This piece from NPR is on point. As a parent and an educator, I think it's a must read for anyone with a child.

"Watch what happens when you go to a teacher and say, "I'd like to give my child some increased autonomy this year, so I won't be meddling in his homework and I'd like for you to hold him accountable for the consequences of his mistakes." You will have an admirer for life."

THAT TIME WHEN Natalie Maines performed on stage with Taylor Swift and it was pretty much the greatest musical return since...well, ever. Come back and make more great music Natalie (and the other Dixie Chicks!).

A friend shared THIS piece on breast milk and breast feeding this week and it's some really amazing information on the complexities of breast milk and how mind-blowing the characteristics of it really are. I love this quote, 

"Like a glass of red wine, breast milk has a straightforward color and appearance, but it possesses subtleties in flavor that reflect its terroir—the mother's body. And it turns out that like any great dish of food, mother's milk holds a variety of aromas, flavors, and textures...I love the idea that even before her first encounter with solid food, her taste buds had already begun telling her that she is part of a city filled with the cuisines of many nations, a household that supports local farmers, and a Filipino family with an abiding love of pork and fermented shrimp paste."

Happy Weekend!


  1. If the Dixie Chicks tour the States in 2016 it will make my entire year! Until then...I'll just watch Shut Up and Sing every few months on Netflix!

    (Loved all the reads!)

  2. That baby article was AWESOME. I am huge into stats and am always very anal when naming kids for my 'rules'. I was so disappointed in The Courtyard Hounds first CD (Emily and Martie from the DCX) that I didn't buy the second and didn't like the 1 song I heard from Natalie's solo album - they need to get back in the studio ASAP.