Friday, September 18, 2015

Five on Friday

This is definitely going down as one my most random five on friday posts ever! Go link up with April and join in today!

1. Jamie Ivey's Happy Hour Podcast - I have seen a few friends mention this podcast, but I think my friend Rachel was the first. It's my new favorite podcast. I've been listening from the beginning when I am doing chores around the house, or even out running errands alone. I want to be Jamie's friend and join her for a Happy Hour!

2. Snapchat....I can't believe I not only downloaded snapchat but I also kind of like it. I feel like I'm 15. Add me on there so we can be cool snapchatters together! (PS....what in the world is the score and trophy thing on here?? I still don't really have a clue what I'm doing...)

3. School is going so well for M! She started in her Young 3's class last week and she LOVES it. She even asked me last night when she gets to go again, and when i told her Tuesday, she said, "But I want to go back tomorrow!" Made my mama heart happy! Anyway...she came home from school this past Tuesday with this "All About Me" paper. At carpool her teacher told me I'd get a kick out of her favorite animal and they had to look up how to spell it....she cracks us up!

4. Some friends of mine started a monthly supper club and last Friday we had our first dinner that my friend Anni hosted. It was SO much fun sitting and chatting and enjoying great dinner! I know this will definitely be something we look forward to each month! Here's half the group...

5. When my mom was here a few weeks ago, M requested that she make her a cape. I'm not really sure where this grand idea came from, but we took her to JoAnne's and she picked out some fabric (Frozen, duh.) and my mom did just as she was asked. Since then, M has been working on her "zooming" skills to make the cape fly up in the back and she thinks she looks like Anna in Frozen. Pretty much living the dream these days!

So there you have it. Five {very} random tidbits from our week. 
Happy Friday friends!


  1. I love Maggie's imagination!!!

  2. I love her favorite animal is a pterodactyl! Too funny! I also love the idea of a monthly supper club!!!

  3. Pteryodactyl! LOVE! (And I loooove following you on Snapchat!)

  4. Oh my gosh, your child is hilarious!!! And props to you on being on Snapchat...maybe you can convince me to get it. I don't understand it!!! Ha!

  5. I just discovered podcasts and am currently listening to Serial from This American Life. I'm addicted. I will definitely add Happy Hour to my podcast list. Am visiting from Five on Friday and am your newest follower. Have a great weekend!

  6. I LOVE Jamie Ivey's Happy Hour! I discovered maybe a month or so ago and have been slowly working my way through all of them. So good!