Monday, September 7, 2015

Tickled Pink: Start of the School Year Teacher Gifts

M is starting her first year of preschool tomorrow! She (and I) are both excited and a teeny bit nervous, but I know that ultimately it'll be an awesome change for us both. She is so ready and it'll be great for her to have the structure of school two days a week when the baby comes. And it'll be nice for me to have those 6-7 hours a week with just baby brother!

Last week she had her open house and we took a little something to her teachers. While I definitely don't feel gifts are necessary at the start of the year, I know that when I taught, it was always so appreciated, and I wanted M's teachers to know how grateful we are for what they do. We kept it simple, and M helped me pick out some pink goodies at Target last week (and she totally wanted to keep the nail polishes!).

Happy start of the school year to my friends who start tomorrow, although I know so many started already in August! Here's to a great new school year!


  1. Super cute gift! I'm sure you're both very excited!

  2. Love this sweet gift idea! I'd be tickled pink to receive that!