Friday, September 4, 2015

Toddler Girl Fall Favorites - Five on Friday!

Linking up with April today for Five on Friday!

Today I'm listing a few of my favorite fall pieces for toddler girls this fall. Some have been purchased for M already, and a few I'm still eyeing and hoping for a sale soon! I am so over maternity clothing and don't want to buy myself much for fall since I have no idea what my size will be. So instead of shopping for myself, I'm putting all my shopping efforts into cute 3T clothes for are five (well, really six!) of our favorites for this fall! 

1. Tea Collection Dresses...I have recently fallen in love with Tea dresses for M this past spring. I love the patterns and the cuts, and I think it's the cutest play clothes for kids. The periwinkle dress on the left we already have, but I'm really liking the look of this red tango tiered one as well for her fall wardrobe! Also, this weekend, everything is 20% off on their site and free shipping!

2. Old Navy Frozen Long Sleeved Tee....because can one little girl possibly have too much Frozen in her wardrobe?! I think that as far as graphic character tees go, this one is pretty adorable!

3. Silver Glitter Slip-Ons...I'm looking for easy, slip on, closed toed shoes for fall. This pair that I found for cheap on zulily earlier this month fit the bill! I also scored a few other pairs of boots and cute navy t-strap slip ons for her from here as well. 

4. Hanna Andersson Now Playing Dress...I ordered M a similar dress in a striped pattern from zulily this summer, but now I want this pattern too! I love the quality of Hanna Andersson clothing. 

5. Old Navy Halloween Pajamas....because every fall means it's time to restock our holiday jammies! I love this pair for Halloween this year! Also....only $10!

And as always...everything I have purchased was done using ebates! I love getting that extra cash back through out the year. It really does add up!

Any other super cute finds out there for fall? 
Where have you been shopping for your toddler lately that you love?


  1. Those jammies are so cute! I just saw them on the website!

  2. Soooo are these clothes what I'll be buying off of you next year?! ;) I hope so! I especially LOVE that Hanna dress!

  3. Carter's is my go-to for my kids - when they have a 50% off sale, it's so cheap! And the sizing seems to really work with both my small kids (except I was super disappointed in their 2T undies for Drew - she wears 18 month in pants still but 2T is the smallest you can find for undies and they just BAG off of her - Gymboree that is usually way too big actually had the best for her?). Drew is SO picky about her clothes and wanting to choose her own outfits that I don't spend too much money on her right now - nothing makes me madder than her refusing to wear clothes I just bought!