Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Westport Vacation - Part 1

We left for Westport, NY on August 1 at 6:14 AM! After a quick trip to Chick-Fil-A for breakfast, we were on the road!

We stopped at Mr. J's in Harrisonburg, VA for some sandwiches for lunch, and then we took them to the Arboretum at JMU for a picnic lunch. This was the perfect stop for us since we had both dogs with us who needed to get out and stretch, and M who needed to burn off some energy!

Oh how I miss Mr. J's from my college days!

After Virginia, we hit West Virginia, Maryland, and then Pennsylvania. Many snacks were consumed along the way, along with a million bathroom breaks for this pregnant gal. This baby loves hanging out on my bladder

We stopped for dinner somewhere in New York off the highway, and quickly hit the road again in an effort to just get there. Before we had left that morning, I (at the very last minute), downloaded some new paid apps for M on our ipad, Endless Numbers (already have Endless Alphabet and love it!) and the Daniel Tiger 3 pack of apps. I think I spent a total of $13 and let me tell ya, best $13 anyone could have ever spent before a 16 hour road trip!! She stayed so entertained the whole drive. I still can't get over how good she was on our drive thanks to these games. 

I also had a BIG bag of goodies for her that I slowly pulled things out of all day. I had stocked up on stickers and coloring books at the Dollar Store and the Target dollar spot. I brought a cookie tray with these (1 and 2) magnets for her to play with. And I bought a lot of construction paper and foamy stickers at Michael's for her to "craft" with in her seat. And snacks....lots and lots and lots of snacks!

We finally got to our destination at 10pm, and quickly went to bed! 16 hours of traveling with a toddler, a pregnant lady, and two dogs, all inside of a Honda Pilot was enough to put us al straight to sleep!

On Sunday morning, M woke early despite the big day from before, so J took her out to get us muffins at Ernie's Market and let me sleep for another hour (he's a winner). After our muffins, we headed down to the lake for a swim. It was a perfect day!

We had lunch at the marina, did some grocery shopping for the week, and then came home for nap time. Most days while M napped, I'd do the same and J would walk the pups. It was so quiet and relaxing! Post nap, we headed out to the deck for a "happy hour"...and by happy hour, I mean M and I played with the dogs and colored while J drank a beer!

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  1. I thought you were brave doing a road trip being pregnant and with a toddler, but with 2 dogs too, wow. Chloe loves the Daniel Tiger apps too.