Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Westport Vacation - Part 2

Mondays highlights early morning hike for J and M up to the top of Coon. They were back at the house by 9:30 AM, so we played some with magnets before heading to swim. 

That evening we went for a big walk down to the dock on the property where we let the dogs wade in the water. It was so nice being in NY where the temps weren't miserable and there was little to no humidity meaning I could go for a walk without feeling like I'm dying.

I love this photo...

After M went to bed that night, we took in a beautiful sunset from the deck.

Tuesday we traveled across the lake via ferry to Vermont to visit Burlington! A big shout out to Belle on Heels for all her help finding fun things to do here! 

Our first stop in Burlington was ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center...lots of exhibits for kids M's age and older. We had fun exploring here for the morning, especially since it was a stormy morning!

Our little Champy!

After the aquarium, we walked up the street to have lunch at American Flatbread. A great recommendation! 


Afterwards, we explored some of the city and walked around before we decided to try and find some Ben & Jerry's before we headed home for nap time.

Searching for a Ben and Jerry's was a total bust, and M passed out before we even made it back to the ferry.

When we got back to Essex, NY (the town the ferry goes to), we found a little ice cream shop pleased us all!

When we got back to our place, M and J went for a boat ride in "the turtle boat" (a small green row boat) while the dogs and I hung out on the porch and read. And yes...still obsessed with these Simply Balanced Target waters! 

We closed out Tuesday with a low key dinner at home and an early bed time. Low key and lots of sleep seemed to be a theme on our vacation! 

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