Thursday, September 3, 2015

Westport Vacation - Part 3

Wednesday we stayed close to the house most the day! Lots of play time at the lake thanks to perfect weather and no south wind!

By this day, M was very comfortable on the rocks and at the lake. She was acting like she owned the place!

That evening, we went to town for dinner, and then came home for a very special night....camping! Months before we left for our trip, J had started thinking about taking M camping while we were here. We really weren't sure how'd she do sleeping in a tent and in a sleeping bag, so we thought this would be the perfect place for them to try it out ( I say "them" and not "we" because there's no way I was going to sleep on the ground in a tent at 29 weeks pregnant!). Wednesday afternoon they set up the tent on the deck, and that night was the big night! They got their head lamps on and were ready to go!

And sure enough, she slept all night (once she stopped talking J's ear off and went to sleep!). I was a proud mama on Thursday morning when they woke up and came in to greet me in bed. We got up and had breakfast and then some book and coffee time...

It was (yet again) a beautiful morning, so we packed a big lunch and hiked to Rose Point for a picnic. 

I love this comparison shot from 2013 vs 2015!

Proof that I participated in the hike and the fun!

That afternoon, M played with stickers on the deck while J made us dinner. And the dogs took in cool air!

After dinner, we decided to put on some bug spray and go down to the rocks to watch the sunset and the stars come out. This ended up being one of my favorite memories from our trip. It was such a beautiful night and just being with M and J watching the clouds turn pink, with no was perfect. 


  1. What a fun trip! Our first camping adventure was when I was 36 weeks pregnant and monroe was 2.5. I was pregnant with Gray (due same day as Maggie was) and blame my crazy pregnant brain on that nonsense. I had been working weekend nights and it was the first weekend of a new schedule, but right before I knew we'd be stopped by having a newborn. It felt like my only window and I felt guilty about having another baby. We had fun, but realized our air mattress pump didn't work, forgot our pillows, monroe was like a helicopter rolling around the entire tent in his sleep, it POURED-and I had to go out all night to go to the bathroom in the rain. My husband moved to our car in the middle of the night and the temperature dropped by about 20 degrees over night. The first time after Gray was born we upgraded to a bigger tent, and snuck a pack n play in there! You were wise to stay in the cabin!

  2. Oh my goodness this looks like such an amazing trip! What a beautiful place. Confession: in 27 years, I have never ever been camping. You're making me want to try it! Me camping would probably be a disaster and not this sweet little picture you painted, but still! ~ Meredith @