Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Westport Vacation - Part 4

Going to finally finish and wrap up my vacation recap posts! This is way overdue! 

Our last 3 days in Westport were some of the prettiest! The weather got so cool at nights that each morning we had to wake up and wear our sweatshirts. It was such a nice change from the Charlotte humidity!

Friday morning we woke up and had our breakfast and coffee....Anna and Elsa found some mini-Adirondack chairs to lounge in...

We left the house before 9 to head to the marina, because it was our big morning of boating! We decided to rent a boat from the marina and explore the lake some. 

This will be so much more fun in years to come when I'm not pregnant and J could teach the kids to water ski or tube, but this year, we just strolled around and enjoyed the views.

M loved the boat. She lounged in the captain's seat for most of our trip and just took it all in!

After our boat ride we played at the lake for a little bit before M's nap.

On Friday evening, we went to get pizza for dinner in town, and what we had hoped would be a fast pizza dinner turned into a bit of a mess (no tables, long waits), so we go it to go (only to have someone pick up the order we had paid for...)....anyway! To kill time while we waited for our pizza we hung out at a big park in town and M and J rolled all over the grassy hills. She thought this was so fun!

Late that evening J's parents and one of our nieces got in to town, so we caught up with them for a bit before heading to bed. Saturday we did more swimming but this time with more cousins!! J's cousin Lauren has two little girls who were there with their grandparents for the weekend and M had a lot of fun trying to keep up with them (they're 1 year and 3.5 years older than she is). They were pro frog catchers too!

J also did some paddle boarding and canoeing with M! 

By Saturday evening, my sister in law, her new husband and their four girls had arrived. It was a full house, but M LOVED having all the big girls to play with. She thinks nothing is cooler than her big cousins!

Saturday night we had a big taco bar for dinner and my nieces filled me in on the latest One Direction drama and they braided my hair for me and colored with M. Nothing like a group of pre-teen and teen girls to keep you entertained.

On Sunday we swam more (because....gorgeous weather and beautiful lake!) and J's brother and wife got into town that afternoon. 

Sunday evening we had a big cookout on the rocks and stayed out pretty late to watch the stars come out. It was a great way to end the trip. And I love this picture of M with all her sweet big cousins from that night!

Sunday morning, our little family of 3 + the dogs got up at 5:30 to hit the road. J had mostly packed the car the night before so it wasn't too much work that morning, and we were on the road by 6:15. When we stopped for lunch that day I snapped this picture of M. I think it's a good image to describe how all 3 of us felt...

It was a wonderful long and relaxing vacation, but we were ready to be home! It was about 17 hours of traveling to get home, but we did it all in one day (thank you again Daniel Tiger ipad games!). Crazy to think next time we go to Westport we'll have a family a of FOUR!

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  1. I loved reading these posts! She's making great memories there! Such a cool place to have as "yours".